Manage the realities of multicloud

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management provides consistent visibility, governance, and automation from on-prem to the edge with capabilities such as multicluster management, event management, application management, and infrastructure management – plus integration with existing tools and processes. Enterprises can leverage IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management to help increase operational efficiency that's driven by intelligent data analysis and predictive golden signals, and gain built-in support for their compliance management.

Multicloud Management is one of a set of Paks that speed up your move to cloud

Complexity is the new reality

"The old idea that everything would move to the public cloud never happened. Instead, the cloud market has evolved to meet the needs of clients who want to maintain on-premises systems while tapping a multitude of cloud platforms and vendors. The challenge for this approach is integration. Many IT companies have been talking about multicloud, but to date the user experience has been fragmented. IT and business executives are looking for multicloud capabilities that reduce the risks, and deliver more automation throughout their cloud journeys.”

-    Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, IDC

Market cost for a data breach exceeds USD 3.9 million and over 60% of companies are not prepared for a multicloud environment.

Intelligent hybrid, multicloud management


A clear view of your apps, no matter where they reside


Built-in support for your compliance management


Predictive signals to avoid disruption

A unified management experience across your enterprise

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management offers consistent delivery for event management, application and infrastructure management and multicluster management – wherever your applications reside – on-premises, in the cloud, at the edge or anywhere in between.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management offers consistent application delivery

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