Why your business needs IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network

Your users are expecting faster load times for your web applications. Improve your users’ experience and reduce bounced sessions by delivering content at record speed and caching content closer to your users on the Akamai network.

Automatically scale your service on the Akamai network with pay-as-you-go pricing. Protect your web applications from various attacks by adding a content delivery network (CDN) between your users and your infrastructure.

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What is a CDN?

Visit the IBM Cloud Learn Hub for a complete overview of CDNs

Akamai CDN features

Use case support

Reliably supports all major content delivery use cases.

Seamless API integration

Masterfully integrates through a full set of APIs.

Simpler cloud experience

Clarifies and streamlines the experience for cloud customers.

Benefits of using Akamai CDN

Market-leading CDN scale, global reach and performance

Akamai CDN offers leading performance and offload for workloads, and scenario-based performance optimization. Move content near users and leverage the Akamai Intelligent (Global Edge) Platform.

Fully integrated and easy to use

Akamai CDN seamlessly integrates into the IBM Cloud™ environment, with multitenant capabilities for easy cloud-client management. It drives API-driven delivery and client-level billing and reporting.

Cost efficient

This market-leading CDN offering saves you from expensive network build-outs. Plus, the Akamai CDN supports wholesale pricing that enables competitive delivery.

How clients use it

Accelerate delivery of static files using a CDN

This tutorial walks you through how to host and serve website assets (such as images, videos and documents) and user-generated content in cloud object storage, and how to use a CDN like Akamai’s to ensure faster, more secure delivery to users around the world.

Diagram showing acceleration of delivery of static file through CDN architecture

IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network is powered by Akamai

IBM’s partnership with Akamai, a best-of-class CDN provider, enables IBM to offer one of the world’s fastest and most reliable CDNs.

Akamai coverage

IBM Cloud has partnered with Akamai to offer the most comprehensive CDN features, while ensuring affordability. This partnership features edge servers in 133 countries to bring the content closest to where you need it most — your users.

Akamai network map

Get started with Akamai CDN on IBM Cloud

Efficient delivery. No extra storage fees. And you only pay for the bandwidth used.