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We’re doing business in an unpredictable world. Success requires new levels of resilience and agility, rooted in responsible practices that preserve our planet for future generations. Sustainability is now a strategic business imperative. IBM can help you plan a sustainable and profitable path forward with open, AI-powered solutions and platforms and deep industry expertise that address your goals.

1 Journey to Sustainability - ESG Strategy & Customer Experience

Business Goal

  • Build understanding of current state and future state of sustainability associated to business

Embed sustainability into your business and get the insights you need to operationalize at scale. Develop new and dynamic operating models to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy and create new sources of value in your journey to a more sustainable future.

2 Climate Risk, Carbon & ESG Reporting

Business Goals

  • Embed climate risk analysis into business operations.
  • Quantity financial exposure associated with climate risk.
  • Track carbon for businesses and products

Effectively track, manage and reduce carbon emissions in your business. Embrace transparency and deliver more holistic view of corporate performance while managing data complexities, enterprise systems and partner ecosystem.

3 Clean Electrification & Emissions Management

Business Goals

  • Shift to purchasing and consuming renewable energy and water for factories, fleets and buildings. 
  • Evolve business model, products & services for e-Mobility

Enable businesses shift to purchasing and consuming renewable energy and water for factories, fleets and buildings. Decarbonize their business operations and help their electricity ecosystems deliver clean energy to consumers in safe, affordable and reliable ways.

4 Intelligent Operations & Responsible Computing

Business Goals

  • Build transparency across the enterprise operations.
  • Reengineer systems and process for reducing emissions

Create more resilient, sustainable infrastructure and operations with intelligent asset management, monitoring and predictive maintenance. Deliver smart building operations and optimization of operational assets critical to delivery of outputs for factories and businesses throughout their lifecycle. 

5 Sustainable Supply Chain & Circularity

Business Goals

  • Understand how to leverage partners & suppliers to address sustainability
  • Evolve processes to drive sustainability across the supply chain

Build intelligent, self-correcting, climate-smart supply chains that are climate resilient and carbon aware. Provide end-to-end visibility to supply chain with carbon footprints at all nodes. Use innovative digital technologies to sustain Circular Economy while enabling better performances and new business models.

6 Weather Network & Services

Business Goals

  • Apply and integrate weather data with enterprise internal and external data sources.
  • Develop predictive analytics use cases for business operations, forecasting and optimization

Prepare for the unexpected with solutions that help you predict, plan and respond for critical weather events. Apply and integrate weather data with internal and external enterprise data sources for improved business operations, forecasting and optimization.

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