About the IBM Security Community

The IBM Security Community is a program that brings together the shared knowledge and experiences from Cybersecurity experts and IT practitioners within the ASEAN community to help build a superior security solution to tackle complex business problems. We provide a platform for all IT professionals to join forces to battle highly organised crimes through collaboration and innovation, learning from experts on latest industry trends as well as training modules to build your security foundation.

Sign up your interest to be a Cyber Elite!

Cyber Elites are always at the frontier of the cyber war. By participating in our IBM Security Community (ASEAN) and signing up as a Cyber Elite, you will be equipped with the skills, guidance and peer-to-peer learnings required from today’s security practitioners, and the opportunities to build your industry eminence!

Participants in the program will have the opportunity to:

Advance Your Knowledge and Network with the Best

  • Connect with and learn from your peers across the globe.
  • Get known for your expertise - be invited to be part of an exclusive panel of speakers at events and conferences
  • Have a say in IBM’s roadmap by participating in the IBM Asia Pacific Board of Advisors (by-invitation only)
  • Publish a blog on IBM’s securityintelligence.com site and empower other security professionals across the globe by providing them with the relatable analysis and actionable insights they need to thrive in the face of cyber uncertainty
  • Share your story via a short video for use on IBM’s corporate social media channels

Build your qualifications and expertise

  • Attend IBM Masterclass and Master Skills University for the opportunity to participate in deep-dive solution training, learn about cross product integrations and roadmap updates, and to network with your peers. Participants will secure an IBM Digital Badge as certification.
  • Test your hacking and cyber defense skills in IBM’s Corporate “Capture the Flag” Challenge. Teams from across multiple organisations will compete against one another to determine the overall Corporate Champion and win exclusive prizes!

Be eligible for entitlements

  • Receive an invitation to Think 2020 Conference in the United States (only applicable to working professionals)
  • Access to IBM’s worldwide executive team via the IBM Asia Pacific Board of Advisors (by-invitation only)

Preparing today for the cyberthreats of tomorrow

Through the intersection of AI, intelligent orchestration, the agility of the cloud and collaboration with each other, we can tackle the cybersecurity challenges ahead of us.