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Technology has to be more than smart. Technologies like AI, Cloud, Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) will change the world. By combining talent and technology, people are changing their businesses - and the world.

Calculate your potential ROI for managed SAP applications

In this webinar we outline use cases on Move2HANA projects, tools and processes that will help you mitigate risk, transition historical data to the future ERP, and speed up deployment whilst containing costs.

There’s a big opportunity to accelerate your time to value, optimize IT labour, reduce infrastructure costs and reduce systems downtime with SAP running on cloud.

IBM managed services clients are seeing cost benefits like these:

  • 15% cut in operating costs
  • 20% drop in projected IT costs compared to pre-migration spending
  • 70% increase in computing power at lower TCO


Blockchain Beyond Hype

Gartner estimates that Blockchain will generate $3.1 trillion in new business value by 2030. Are you ready to ride this opportunity to deliver greater value to your business. 

Find out more on how you can join more than 500+ business leaders around the would have chosen Trust and Transparency with IBM Blockchain via , Food Trust, Trade-ins, Trade Finance, World Wire, Trusted Identity and the most recent addition - Trust your supplier network

Accelerating Modernization with Agile Integration and Micro services

Every organization under going digital and business transformation has unique workload and data requirement to manage, while creating connected customer experience across a network of applications of varying data types. As an IT leader, critical decisions are being made around where modernization of existing infrastructure will have the greatest impact on scalability, reliability , control and performance when integrating across traditional and cloud-native environment 

Join us for this upcoming spotlight  as we explore the benefits of moving to more decentralized and container -based architecture, how this affects API management and messaging and how parallel advancements in application delivery can accelerate these transformation goals .

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Agile Integration Architecture: The Handbook for all of your lightweight integration needs

Download this book to explore why agile integration architecture in the best way to embrace a container-based, decentralized, and microservices based approach that promotes agility, scalability, and resiliency. 

Calculate your potential ROI from implementing IBM Cloud for SAP Applications

The Cost Benefits Estimator identifies key areas of savings that can be reinvested in innovation, such as time to value acceleration, IT labor optimization and reduced infrastructure TCO. In five minutes, this tool will show your potential annual savings with the IBM SAP solution.

Blockchain for Business

Compliments of IBM, you get the first part of the book free, as well as a 50% off promo code for the purchase of the full print or eBook edition.

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Bosch Group: Unleashing massive flexibility to support innovation

Bosch Group implemented SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA database on IBM Power Systems to allow business users to set up systems quickly with minimal support from IT, saving time and driving a rich culture of innovation.

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