Blockchain in retail solutions

Building trust from source to consumer. Foster greater trust and collaboration across the global supply chain with real-time, universal insights into products and processes.

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Retail industry uses blockchain in addressing the challenges of the new normal

At the start of the pandemic, retailers faced challenges such as keeping products on shelves, supply chains moving, stores open and employees safe. As the world cautiously steps toward reopening, retail sales are increasing. Now is a decisive moment for the retail industry to use blockchain in addressing all the challenges of the new normal.

What if you could earn and keep customer loyalty not because you asked to be trusted, but because you can prove you’ve delivered on your promises? Quality, reliability, authenticity and product safety can be better assured, while supply chain partners can know for certain where products are in seconds. With IBM Blockchain, an always-up-to-date performance history would become the basis for your reputation and everyone else’s in your retail network.


Increase consumer confidence

Shopper confidence grows in aisles and online as blockchain verifies the authenticity and safety of goods.

Improve supplier ability to meet demand

Retail supply chain participants can better ensure they’re trading in ethically-sourced goods to meet emerging consumer demands.

Expand retailer revenue opportunities

From big names to small town businesses, retailers can promote products, earn loyalty and gain insights into consumer preferences in entirely new ways.

Case studies

Boosting retail sales with blockchain tracking

The introduction of blockchain tracking is strengthening consumers’ trust in Carrefour by confirming their food products meet standards for ethics and general safety.

Learn how blockchain tracking boosts sales
Improving food safety with a transparent retail supply chain

Walmart envisions a fully transparent supply chain that makes efficient and accurate responses to food safety events possible through the tracking of items on IBM Blockchain Platform.

See the food safety solution (02:56)
Increasing trust in retailer-supplier relationships

Home Depot’s use of blockchain is increasing visibility into the supply chain, leading to faster vendor dispute resolutions, stronger relationships with suppliers, and more time for innovation.

See how Home Depot builds trust (02:57)
Strengthening consumer trust in retailers

Nestle and Carrefour are using blockchain technology to make more transparent information available, so parents can trust they’re providing high-quality products to their children.

Learn how Nestle and Carrefour reassure parents

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