Return to workplace planner

Together, IBM and Workday have partnered to bring you a joint solution that helps you continuously manage the complexities of employees returning to the workplace safely while adapting to changing conditions and ultimately emerging stronger. Our return to workplace planner combines the planning, forecasting and modeling capabilities of Workday Adaptive Planning with daily county-specific COVID-19 heatmap and community risk data from IBM Watson Health and The Weather Company, along with employee sentiment analysis insights from Workday HCM.


The return to workplace planner enables companies to make better informed, structured and proactive decisions on how, when and where to safely reopen work locations during periods of widespread disruption caused by COVID-19. As conditions continue to change, this solution has the unique ability to help you refine and adjust your plans with agility, mitigating further disruption.


  • Assess community and workplace readiness
  • Model how employees will return
  • Evaluate workforce sentiment to inform return to work plans
  • Plan for critical supplies
  • Continuously monitor site readiness and worker health and safety
  • Provide support for remote workforce planning

Key benefits

  • Accelerates the return to the workplace in weeks not months
  • Leverages industry expertise to create a curated approach for each individual company
  • Promotes the ability to make informed, structured and proactive planning decisions
  • Balances workspace demand, by location and site, against the supply of reduced facility capacity

IBM’s COVID-19 Workday Pack

At IBM, we believe technology has the power to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Together, as a community, we can find our way through times of crisis. IBM has released the COVID-19 Workday Pack — a free, lightweight solution that helps Workday clients maintain the critical personal and business data they need to track the health and well-being of their most valuable assets: their employees.

Each of the three solutions is fully customizable to your unique requirements, but Workday Extend is a prerequisite.

Essential worker

A manager can seamlessly designate workers reporting to them as essential on a single page. This is coupled with dashboard reports to provide organization-wide actionable insights. 

Essential travel request

Employees’ requests for business travel and the required approval workflows are configured to enforce the organization’s travel policy, before the employee is approved to travel.

Personal COVID-19 status

Employees can mark their personal COVID-19 status via self-service following applicable data privacy laws. Medical officers can run analytics to assess the health status of the workforce. 

IBM offers two ways to get started

Introducing IBM Cognitive HR for Energy

Energy industries are dealing with massive disruption in innovation, efficiency and technological advancement. As a result, organizations need to transform from transaction-focused digital enterprises to true cognitive enterprises. To accomplish this, IBM has partnered with Workday to introduce Cognitive HR for Energy, providing an automated digital platform with standardized skills and a dynamic HR operating model to unlock human energy.

IBM and Workday

We live in a world of constant change where there's nothing usual about business as usual. Now is the time to make the transformation to a talent-centric, AI-powered workplace with cloud-based and AI tools like Workday and IBM Watson®. Regardless of where you are in your transformation journey, IBM can help.

Workday services

Human Capital Management

In today’s competitive marketplace for talent, gaining workforce insight can help you retain and align people to achieve your business goals. IBM can help you transform your organization and harness Workday Human Capital Management. These changes can help you more effectively manage, staff and pay your global workforce.

Financial Management

Workday Financial Management is transforming enterprise finance. This solution puts financial insight at your fingertips to help executives and employees make smarter, more confident real-time decisions to improve efficiency and profitable growth. The IBM rich depth of industry and financial expertise help you manage disruption, drive ongoing improvement and increase ROI.

Full Platform

To make the best decisions for your organization, you need a full picture of what’s working. With a Full Platform deployment (Workday Financial Management and HCM), all your data is in one place. This can help you align your people and financial performance, and more easily embrace change across the organization. Let IBM help you maximize performance and gain a strategic edge with a Full Platform deployment.

IBM Workday Continuum

Your organization is always evolving — just like Workday. IBM can help you stay on top of changes to get the most out of your investment. Whether you’re developing a strategic roadmap, preparing for a merger, acquisition or divestiture, or want more business transformation, our IBM Workday Continuum services can help you drive long-term continuous value.

Boost for Medium Enterprise

IBM Boost combines implementation services, transformational consulting, ownership enablement and IBM Global Financing to help medium enterprise businesses take advantage of the combined offerings of Workday and IBM. Boost helps make Workday accessible to you, no matter what challenges your organization is facing.

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing offers custom payment plans to help you manage your money — and time — more effectively. Our financing solutions are flexible and can accommodate your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to increase headcount, invest in new technology like Workday or enact a new transformation strategy, IBM can help.

Industry services


Take advantage of the extensive knowledge IBM has about the healthcare industry along with our experience in deploying technology solutions. This expertise helps cost effectively deploy Workday with professionalism and expediency — so you can realize value sooner. Our consultants’ years of understanding and working with healthcare organizations can help yours run smoother and more efficiently. You reap the benefits of leaning out work, making care providers’ and your staff’s work lives simpler and more engaging.

Client stories

Leveraging talent and potential

Learn how Nimble Storage leveraged the Workday system to improve its merit and equity process.

Empowering a 100-year-old company

Discover how IBM Workday Consulting Services helped Trustmark Companies manage its HR and payroll systems.

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Find out how IBM Workday helped Alliance Healthcare Services transform its HR organization.

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