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Strategic IT infrastructures to compete in the digital economy

The advent of the digital revolution has changed the nature of the IT infrastructure conversation from technical to strategic. Customers clamor for greater personalization, and companies face new competitors from previously unrelated industries and unprecedented pressure to innovate.

Now, the IT infrastructure covers much more than “reducing costs while keeping the lights on;” it also entails earning the trust of the organization by providing IT services.

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Digital transformation is forcing companies to view IT infrastructure in a distinctly new light. (PDF, 333KB)

Emerging business capabilities – such as creating differentiating customer experiences, incorporating customer insights into new products and services, and enabling rapid experimentation – are moving infrastructure decisions from the back office to a core component of an organization’s business strategy. And with these new capabilities comes a new set of strategic choices about the hardware, software and networking capabilities needed to drive this digital transformation.

Previous research from the IBM Institute for Business Value highlights that seven out of ten organizations recognize that IT infrastructure plays a significant role in driving business results. In addition, over 60 percent of those surveyed were looking to increase their IT infrastructure investment over the next 12-18 months.1 At the same time, less than ten percent of firms said they are fully prepared to meet the demands of the digital business in supporting cloud computing, analytics, mobile and social technologies.2

Forces are hurtling organizations toward more digitally-based forms of engagement. Besides the technology implications for IT infrastructure, we discovered that a fundamental change in mindset has to happen. What core capabilities do these organizations need as they push digital transformation? What mindset changes are needed to lead an IT organization through turbulent times?


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