The key to understanding the workforce

As the complexity of workforce challenges continues to rise, so will the demand for more quantitative approaches to address the increasingly difficult people-related questions central to organizational success. The power of workforce analytics lies in its ability to challenge conventional wisdom, influence behavior, enable HR and business leaders to make and execute smarter workforce decisions, and ultimately, impact business outcomes. To realize value from investments in workforce analytics, organizations need to understand: the relationship between their workforce strategies and their business challenges; the approaches at their disposal; and the capabilities required to translate raw HR data into defensible action.


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Study highlights

Less than 20 percent of organizations are able to apply predictive analytics to address important people issues.

Over 40 percent of organizations are limited to basic HR reporting capabilities.

More than 50 percent of companies report difficulty with integrating workforce data from HR and non-HR systems.

About the authors

Skander Kechaou

Skander Kechaou
IBM Oracle Tiger Team Leader for
Human Capital Management

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