The millennial monsoon

Improving returns from a young generation of travelers

The millennial generation is the first to come of age during the information era. Raised alongside the first search engine, influenced by social media and constantly connected to their smartphones, millennials have grown up with a unique set of experiences. Empowered by information and emboldened by their social impact, they are poised to transform the way consumers throughout the world evaluate, purchase and consume goods and services.

To understand and predict the travel preferences and patterns of millennials, as well as find out how they compare to previous generations, the IBM Institute for Business Value and the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 3,017 travelers from 12 countries between May and August of 2014. Analysis of survey responses enable us to create a profile of the millennial traveler, as well as explore steps travel providers can take to capture the loyalty of these new consumers.

How do millennials differ in their travel preferences compared to generation X, or baby boomers? How can travel providers identify and capitalize on the technological ability of this generation? To find out, download the IBM Institute for Business Value executive report.

Download the IBM Institute for Business Value Executive Report

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  • Steve Peterson

    Travel & Transportation Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Global Business Services.
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