Involve customers rationally and emotionally

With a profusion of information and insurance options available, it seems harder than ever for insurers to reach and keep today’s empowered customers. While traditional insurance distribution channels still work, they are not enough to secure trust and lasting relationships. What other instruments do insurers need? Based on a survey of 12,000 consumers in 24 countries, our latest insurance study shows that three ingredients are indispensable in capturing hearts, minds and market share: customer knowledge, customer value and customer engagement.

Study highlights

32 percent of study respondents switched insurers in the past two years

43 percent of study respondents would like to communicate with their insurer per mobile device

58 percent of study respondents think non-traditional providers are easier to reach

About the authors

Christian Bieck

Christian Bieck
Global Insurance Leader
IBM Institute for Business Value

Lee-Han Tjioe

Lee-Han Tjioe
Vice President and Consulting Partner
IBM Global Business Services

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