Cloud as a business enabler

Cloud has already changed both business and everyday life – from consumers who perhaps unknowingly use it to access their favorite music, to companies that purposely harness its powerful resources. While much activity and buzz relating to cloud involves its technological capabilities, the benefits of cloud adoption actually extend into the business realm. When utilized effectively, cloud capabilities offer numerous opportunities to drive business innovation. Recent technology and social connectivity trends have created a perfect storm of opportunity for companies to embrace the power of cloud to optimize, innovate and disrupt business models. In this report, we explore the question: How do organizations use cloud today and how do they plan to employ its power in the future?


Study highlights

Almost 3/4 of companies from the survey had piloted, adopted or substantially implemented cloud - and 90 percent expect to within three years.

Respondents' #1 objective for adopting cloud is increased collaboration with external partners.

Most organizations have yet to realize cloud's full business potential: only 16 percent are utilizing it for sweeping innovation.

About the authors

Saul J. Berman

Saul J. Berman
VP and Chief Strategist,
IBM Global Business Services

Lynn Kesterson-Townes

Lynn Kesterson-Townes
Worldwide Industry Marketing Leader for Smarter Commerce - Insurance,
IBM Marketing

Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall
Strategy and Analytics Leader,
IBM Institute for Business Value

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