Journey to a
Value Integrator

A companion study to the IBM 2010
Global Chief Financial Officer Study, The new Value Integrator

Today's business climate requires companies to be dexterous and leverage information to optimize business performance. However, structural complexity inhibits optimal business execution and analytics capabilities for many.

During the economic crisis, these conditions were exacerbated. CFOs and their Finance organizations experienced heightened demand from across the enterprise as companies scrambled to cope. Yet, IBM's 2010 Global Chief Financial Officer Study suggests that Finance's effectiveness lags.

The IBM 2010 CFO Study also identified a group of outperforming Finance organizations, which we call Value Integrators. Value Integrators demonstrate the highest effectiveness across the entire CFO agenda. In particular, they excel at two capabilities: 1) Finance efficiency brought about by process and data consistency, which helps unlock the power of analytics and 2) business insight to drive enterprise performance.

But how does a Finance organization become a Value Integrator? How does it make the transformation required to become the fact-based voice of reason and insight for the enterprise? Additional research on 15 high-performing enterprises from the CFO study suggests some answers:

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