Creating differentiated guest experiences

Buoyed by signs of global economic recovery and optimistic growth forecasts in developing economies, hotel chains will continue their rapid expansion in the coming decade. At the same time, intense competition in key guest segments, ever-increasing guest expectations and more diverse traveler needs will apply pressure to keep room rates down. To maintain profit margins, hoteliers will need to renew emphasis on cost reduction and break through the consumer perception of commoditization. Paradoxically, it is standardization that will pave the way not only to control costs, but also to provide the differentiated customer experience guests crave.

Study highlights

Forty-nine percent of leisure guests and 43 percent of business guests surveyed regularly share views about travel experiences on social media.

Almost 20 percent of travelers surveyed spent five or more hours on their most recent trip.

Over 70 percent of hotel guests surveyed reported having positives experiences with personalization.

About the author

Steve Peterson

Steve Peterson
Travel and Transportation Lead,
IBM Institute for Business Value

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