Filling the healthcare information gap

Health device makers, to date, have primarily targeted consumers who are either fitness focused or chronically ill. But between these two extremes sits a large, fragmented and often overlooked population who seek better information to effectively manage their health. Our research suggests that successful solution providers will approach this market opportunity as an ecosystem of partners – with an integrated solution that extends beyond the device itself. By plugging the information gap for these consumers, solution providers can help fuel healthcare innovation.

Study highlights

77% of respondents said the top requirement for health data is privacy and security, yet a high percentage also want to share and use the data in a variety of ways.

More than half of consumers we surveyed did not recall the brand of their current health device.

71% of respondents rely on healthcare provider recommendations than on their own familiarity with the brand (52% for medical devices and 46% for consumer devices).

About the authors

Heather Fraser

Heather Fraser
Global Distribution and Life Sciences Lead
IBM Institute for Business Value
IBM Global Business Services

YangJin Kwon

YangJin Kwon
Electronics Industry Lead
IBM Institute for Business Value
IBM Global Business Services

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