Access the untapped knowledge of your networks

Can an organization that chooses to ignore the insights of employees, customers and business partners expect to thrive? For many, the answer is no. In a global environment where innovation cycles are shrinking, customer expectations are rising and talent is becoming more distributed, companies are seeing the need to more effectively apply the knowledge and experience of individuals, regardless of their vocation, affiliation or organization status.

Fortunately, the opportunity to more effectively apply Collective Intelligence – the aggregated knowledge, insight and expertise of a diverse group – has become a reality. As individuals become more adept and comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas in virtual spaces, companies can use these insights to address critical business challenges. Harnessing Collective Intelligence can play an important role in generating new ideas, solving age-old problems, disaggregating and distributing work in new and innovative ways, and making better, more informed decisions about the future.

Through our research, extensive client experience, and in-depth conversations with a broad range of academics, vendors and companies that have explored Collective Intelligence techniques, we see three areas of guidance for organizations:

  1. Collective Intelligence can enhance business outcomes by improving how organizations access the untapped knowledge and experience of their networks.
  2. Central to the success of Collective Intelligence initiatives is the ability to target and motivate the right participants.
  3. Collective Intelligence efforts need to address sources of resistance.

Collective Intelligence is a powerful resource for creating value using the experiences and insights of vast numbers of people around the world.

To learn more, download the complete IBM Institute for Business Value executive report.

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Becoming a Social Business

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