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Connectedness is pervading consumers’ daily lives, and they continue to crave even more. People check their phones continuously, virtually anywhere they find themselves. Maintaining their digital connections is more important than ever before.

The new behaviors of connected consumers – which include social viewing, distracted viewing and viewing on demand – have greatly impacted M&E providers. To continue our understanding of changing content consumption and digital adoption behaviors, the IBM Institute for Business Value conducted its fourth annual Digital Consumer Survey in 2011. We spoke with more than 3,800 consumers in six countries: China, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Across all of these markets, it’s no longer just a minority of young, early adopters who are digitally connected. So are today’s mainstream consumers, a group that cuts across age boundaries and consists of those who characterize themselves as buying electronic devices at about the same time as others.

In the connected consumer landscape, how can M&E providers offer consumers entertainment experiences that are more relevant, and therefore perceived as more valuable? In short, they must move beyond merely distributing digital content.

Today, M&E providers first need to think and act like B2C companies, no matter where they sit in the industry value chain. Second, they should target consumers’ particular digital personalities. Third, they must learn to deliver holistic, relevant content experiences – not just content alone.

And finally, they must create new flexibly integrated cross-channel digital revenue models that can deliver value comparable to traditional models.

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  • Saul Berman

    Dr. Saul J. Berman

    Global Lead Partner for Strategy Consulting and Innovation and Growth, IBM Global Business Services

  • Lynn Kesterson-Townes

    Lynn Kesterson-Townes

    Global Growth Initiatives Leader for ISV and Developer Relations, IBM Software Group

  • Adam Steinberg

    Adam Steinberg

    Americas Media and Entertainment industry Leader, IBM Global Business Services

  • Martin Guillaume

    Martin Guillaume

    Europe Media Industry Leader, IBM Global Business Services

  • Steven Canepa

    Steven Canepa

    General Manager, Global Media and Entertainment industry, IBM Global Business Services

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