Global Location Trends

2015 Annual Report

For companies that want to sustain a competitive advantage, optimizing the global operating model and footprint of activities in response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and operating conditions is more important than ever.

In our latest Global Location Trends report we analyze how these changes are reflected in corporate location selection and where companies locate and expand their businesses. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the changes associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the smarter manufacturing movement also known as Industry 4.0, will radically transform the global manufacturing landscape. These developments will usher in new opportunities for companies to operate complex networks of production, distribution and sales across multiple geographic locations, leveraging the power of data to drive value creation.

This transformation of industries will have significant ramifications for labor markets and corporate skills requirements, and public-sector leaders must improve alignment between supply and demand of skills and prioritize efforts to foster educational programs that better serve the skills requirements of industries. To learn more, download the complete IBM Institute for Business Value executive report, “Global Location Trends: 2015 Annual Report.”

Download the IBM Institute for Business Value Executive Report

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