Global transformation
from the inside out

Optimizing the entire ecosystem

The world continues to get smaller and bumpier. As a result, many companies find themselves functioning in a global environment with an operating model designed for more limited scope. Insulated operations, lack of customer-driven vision and inconsistent communication combine to create inefficiency and waste and greatly inhibit concerted, company-wide and/or ecosystem-wide collaboration.

Many companies are finding solutions to these issues by transforming into globally integrated enterprises (GIE). A globally integrated enterprise combines global efficiencies with market responsiveness to address the challenges and opportunities that a global economy brings to an organization and its industry.

The results can be significant, as demonstrated by the high performers already on this journey. The path can be long and arduous, taking years and requiring continuous transformation. But for those companies with a global footprint, integration is a topic that can no longer be ignored: it is likely to separate the winners from the rest in the coming decade.

For many companies, especially those not long into their transformation journey, the focus of their global transformation initiatives is on merger and acquisition integration, optimizing business processes, and aligning their people – talent and skills – appropriately around the world.

The high performers in our study are doing these things as well. But they are also focusing their attention on their customers and their markets. To learn more, download the IBM Institute for Business Value executive report.

Download the full IBM Institute for Business Value executive report

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