The individual-centered economy is already here.

The newest digital technologies – among them social media, mobility, analytics and cloud – keep changing how people, businesses and governments interact. These digital forces enable unprecedented levels of connectedness and so the world is already investing in consumer-centricity. However, these new technologies are truly still in their infancies. The transformation that is already underway will soon intensify, resulting in a paradigm shift from customer-centricity toward an everyone-to-everyone (E2E) economy.

The implication for value creation and allocation will be profound. New IBM research shows that many organizations are still not ready to navigate the E2E environment. To prepare for the radical disruption ahead, companies need to act now to create experiences and business models that are orchestrated, symbiotic, contextual and cognitive.

Study highlights

63 percent of executives surveyed expect consumers to gain even more power and influence over their business.

69 percent of executives surveyed expect more cross-industry competition.

58 percent of executives surveyed expect new technologies to reduce barriers to entry

About the authors

Saul Berman

Saul Berman
Global Strategy Consulting Service Leaders

Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall
Research Director and Strategy Leader
IBM Institute for Business Value

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