Digital operations transform the physical

How real-time insights can revolutionize value chains

Digital operations requires real-time optimization across the end-to-end value chain so organizations can instantly respond to their “always on” customers and business partners. Turning supply chain data into information in real time is a critical component in making business decisions and managing core objectives. Today, senior operations executives, no matter what their titles (CSCO, COO, Senior Vice President of Operations and the like) can be responsible for managing three major types of operations: manufacturing and overall supply chain; service delivery, including field service and customer service; and related functions that may include sales and information technology.

With today’s new technologies, the senior operations executive must also determine the digital operations strategy that encompasses instrumented value chains – integrated with the IoT, cloud applications, advanced analytics and real-time insights – all of which require a different set of skills than in the past.

The window for competitive differentiation in all industries continues to shrink. In the current marketplace, executive leaders must race to convert data-driven insights into meaningful results. So, how are today’s leaders of the pack integrating end–to-end processes and creating fluid value chains?

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