Thinking like a customer

Your cognitive future in the retail industry

Welcome to the age of cognitive computing, where intelligent machines simulate human brain capabilities to help solve society’s most vexing problems. For retail, cognitive computing has already arrived, and its potential to transform the industry is enormous. Cognitive systems are driving more personalized shopping experiences and helping unearth customer trends. Our research reveals that retail leaders globally are poised to embrace this groundbreaking technology more holistically and, by doing so, will redefine the future in retail.

As the quantity of customer data continues to grow, retail executives fear that existing analytics capabilities are not sufficient to gain the necessary insights to fully meet ever-growing and ever-changing customer imperatives. Customers today are demanding completely personalized shopping experiences –in which products, services and communications are delivered to them at the time, place and medium of their choosing. Cognitive computing, with its near real-time learning and decision support, provides a new set of capabilities that can open fresh opportunities for the retail industry by scaling human expertise. Cognitive is already helping retailers provide more personalized experiences, and it is poised to enable a broader range of innovation that promises to redefine the retail industry.

Our research, based on a survey of 100 retail executives from around the world, reveals that cognitive solutions are already helping organizations across industries realize value. Retail leaders recognize the potential to transform their industry, and they are set to exploit cognitive capabilities to accomplish this.

To learn how cognitive computing is transforming the retail industry, read the IBM Institute for Business Value executive report, “Thinking like a customer: Your cognitive future in the retail industry "(PDF, 1.25MB)

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