Cognitive computing has arrived

Cognitive computing has the potential to radically redefine everyday life, changing how individuals perform their jobs, interact with others, learn and make decisions. It also represents a new era of computing that will fundamentally alter how we think about, plan for, implement and engage with information technology systems. Successful organizations will identify and prepare to take advantage of opportunities that align with cognitive computing’s emerging capabilities. In doing so, they can learn valuable lessons from cognitive pioneers, including critical success factors and implications for their organizations’ people, processes and policies. In the first report of this two-part series, we explore the evolution of cognitive computing and expectations for its future evolution, as well as forces likely to impact future advancement and adoption rates. In the second report, we explore how organizations can prepare to take advantage of this innovative and exciting capability.

Study highlights

Three areas of cognitive capability are directly related to the ways people think and work.

Six forces will determine adoption and advancement rates for cognitive computing.

Five key dimensions will impact the robustness of future cognitive capabilities.

About the authors

Dave Zaharchuk

Dave Zaharchuk
Global Government Industry Leader,
IBM Institute for Business Value

Dr. Sandipan Sarkar

Dr. Sandipan Sarkar
Cognitive Computing Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value

About the experts

Jay Bellissimo

Jay Bellissimo
General Manager of Watson Transformations,
IBM Watson Group

Shanker Ramamurthy

Shanker Ramamurthy
Global Managing Partner of Business Analytics and Strategy,
IBM Global Business Services

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