Data needs a leader

As the new natural resource of the twenty-first century, data has the power to transform industries and business models; but it equally has the power to overwhelm systems and stymie growth. As executives witness data’s proven impact on performance and innovation and recognize its strategic significance, they also realize the growing need for a leader whose primary role is to understand and advocate on behalf of data. As a result, leading organizations across industries around the globe are appointing Chief Data Officers to deliver data-driven growth and innovation that matters.


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Study highlights

We identified five areas in which CDOs can turn data into dollars: Data leverage, data enrichment, data monetization, data protection and data upkeep.

While specific priorities vary based on an organization's business goals, there is broad agreement on one overarching priority: leveraging enterprise data to drive business value.

CDOs need a "T-shaped" set of skills that balances technical skills, business knowledge and people management skills.

About the authors

Marc Teerlink

Marc Teerlink
Chief Business Strategist,
IBM Watson Group at IBM

Brett Gow

Brett Gow
Corporate Transformation Leadership

Kingshuk Banerjee

Kingshuk Banerjee
Associate Partner

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