Driving in the next decade

Conventional automotive industry wisdom warns executives that people are losing interest in cars. However, results from our recent survey of over 16,000 consumers indicates that people will engage with cars – and cars with people – in new ways. The car will remain a key fixture in personal transportation. For U.S. consumers, owning a car remains important; however, they don’t necessarily need to own one in the traditional sense. Like consumers in the rest of the world, they are ready for industry innovation that deepens their connections with cars and the expanding Internet of Things (IoT). New mobility options are already beginning to transform U.S. consumers’ lives and expectations.

Study highlights

92% of U.S. consumers surveyed expect to own or drive a car in the next ten years. - IBM

U.S. respondents 35 and older expect their use of personal cars as their primary mode of transportation to drop by 10% by 2015, but anticipate their use of car- and ride-sharing will double. - IBM

33% of U.S. respondents were very interested in submitting ideas to co-create new automotive products and mobility services. - IBM

About the authors

Donna Satterfield

Donna Satterfield
Vice President and Americas Automotive Industry Leader, IBM
Global Business Services

Ben Stanley

Ben Stanley
Automotive Research Leader,
IBM Institute for Business Value

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