The dynamics of the consumer-vehicle-enterprise relationship are starting to change drastically as traditional industry boundaries disappear. Automotive (auto) enterprises must adapt to how consumers can access vehicles in new ways and use them in their digital lives — and how cars now fit into an increasingly complex web of transportation options.

Interconnectedness is the essence of the creative disruption ahead: between consumers and automakers; between consumers and vehicles; and among traditional and non-traditional participants in the industry ecosystem. Looking toward 2025, the enterprises that welcome openness are setting the stage for success.

Study highlights

73% of OEM executives rated mobility services as as significant area for co-creation with consumers.

74% of all interviewed executives rated collaboration with other industries as the best opportunity for industry growth.

75% of all executives we spoke with expect non-traditional industry participants to have a key role in the automotive ecosystem by 2025.

About the authors

Ben Stanley

Ben Stanley
Global Automotive Leader,
IBM Institute for Business Value

Kal Gyimesi

Kal Gyimesi
Automotive industry Marketing Leader,
IBM Software Group

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