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Plant Location International (PLI) is a specialized consulting service within IBM Global Business Services® acting as the global center of competence for Global Location Strategies. With a track record of over five decades, PLI has established itself as a market leader in providing advice to companies on their location decisions, covering all sectors and types of business functions. Moreover, drawing on extensive expertise and knowledge of what shapes corporate investment decisions, PLI works with government agencies worldwide for economic development and investment promotion in their efforts to improve their locations for investors.


The following PLI services can help your enterprise with complex decisions on where to establish, expand or consolidate operations around the world:

  • Strategic location planning and selection
  • Definition of key location criteria for specific operations
  • Screening of multiple locations to quickly identify best options
  • Global resourcing and labor market evaluation
  • Review and validation of preferred location options (second opinion)
  • Site and facility search, once a preferred country or region is selected
  • Consolidation and disposal of existing sites and facilities
  • Advice and negotiation assistance on incentives and other financial support
  • Ongoing monitoring of business environments and industry strategy
  • Optimization of internal location selection efforts

The IBM globally integrated consulting practice is supported by the following industry standard tools and databases:

IBM-PLI's location benchmarking tool can help you quickly identify the best locations for your operations based on project specific location requirements. The tool helps analyze the cost and quality trade-off and relative strengths and weaknesses of locations, as well as evaluating the impact of possible changes in business environments over time. Economic development organizations use the benchmarking tool to assess their location's competitiveness for selected target sectors and functions.

Global Location Trends database is the leading corporate investment tracking database, registering 'mobile' investment projects around the world and allowing representative and up-to-date location trend analysis on a global scale. Global Location Trends records announcements of new and expansion projects by companies. For each project announcement, details are registered on the investor, origin, location of investment, sector and cluster, activity and type of investment, as well as estimated jobs, capital invested and locations considered. Investments through business mergers and acquisitions are not included, since these investments are not driven by attractiveness of individual locations. Being the most comprehensive and accurate global investment database in the market, Global Location Trends is an excellent tool for investment trend analysis and FDI performance evaluations. Note that the Global Location Trends database is purely used for analytical purposes and is not accessible by external parties through subscriptions or otherwise.

Global Location Trends reports are prepared based on analysis of data from the Global Location Trends database. These reports analyze the latest trends in corporate location selection around the world, and are the most realistic and up-to-date reflection of expansion and relocation behavior of companies, as well as the degree in which countries and regions around the world are successful in attracting new business. Every year we produce a Global Location Trends executive summary report, individual country or state reports (on request), and a detailed Facts & Figures report (for purchase), which includes a wide variety of international rankings based on investment activity, as well as many country and state/province profiles.

Based on our extensive experience working directly with corporate location decision makers, PLI offers unique expertise to economic development organizations. Example services include location benchmarking and competitive positioning analysis, investment trend analysis, defining marketing strategies, performance evaluations, and training for investment promotion staff.

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More comprehensive and detailed analysis on Global Location Trends is made available in a "Global Location Trends, Facts & Figures" report. This report provides detailed data and country/state/city rankings based on foreign investment by investors' origin, (sub-)sector, and business function. The report can be purchased by submitting this order form to katrien.castelain@be.ibm.com

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