The yin yang of financial disruption

Maxims for forging a path to financial stability and healthy financial innovation

The metamorphosis of a country-centric subprime crisis to a worldwide economic slowdown has deeper roots than anyone could have ever imagined. Since the onslaught of the financial crisis — attitudes, fears, opinions and the key structural tensions challenging the financial services industry, as well as proposed resolutions to the crisis, have shifted dramatically.

As the world struggles through uncharted waters searching for resolution, many of the emergent industry themes appear to be shared by experts in both the private and public sectors. At the same time, some deep-rooted dichotomies exist and at multiple levels of the economy — not just at the organization levels, but also at the consumer level — and across sectors and geographies.

The path to a healthy, sustainable equilibrium within the global financial system will require institutions, governments and individuals to effectively manage the overarching yin yang - the delicate balance between financial stability and healthy financial innovation.

We are in the "era of interdependence." Now is the time for us to work together, address the fundamentals and innovate. The entire "financial system business model" has the capability to become "smarter" – systemically collaborative, intelligent and dynamic. But how do we rebuild trust and move from crisis, to health, to wealth? Find out by reading the full report.

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Meet the author

  • Suzanne Duncan

    Suzanne Duncan

    IBM Integrated Supply Chain, Global Execution, System x Engineering (Formerly IBV Financial Markets Industry Leader)

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