Developing global leadership

How IBM engages the workforce of a globally integrated enterprise

With rampant change seemingly on all fronts, do your employees and leaders have what it takes to compete on a global stage that places a premium on adaptable expertise?

Most organizations can envision the rewards of integrating global teams while accommodating local differences, but that's only part of the puzzle. What concrete actions can help transform your organizational culture in ways that let you tackle the challenges and grasp the opportunities of globalization?

With global integration more important than ever, the management philosophy is changing at IBM and many other leading organizations in order to support it. So, how has IBM progressed in becoming a globally integrated enterprise (GIE)? Today, it offers more opportunities for more employees to acquire skills and global leadership experiences, as well as the means to work across the enterprise to better understand various national priorities and thus grow the business.

In January 2008 Chairman Sam Palmisano challenged a small group of senior leaders to address specific challenges and opportunities related to IBM becoming a GIE and enabling the benefits for our clients and their organizations. The team's mission is to create an environment that nurtures and grows "global IBMers."

Central to the team's strategy is engaging employees at all career stages. Progress toward fully realizing the potential of the GIE model has come by using an integrated approach that centers on the execution of three key actions:

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