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Corporate Social Responsibility: Leading a sustainable enterprise

Today, more than ever, organizations are focused on environmental and social responsibility as a strategic objective. Our survey of senior executives worldwide shows that 60 percent believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) has increased in importance over the past year. Only 6 percent say it's a lower priority.

To be sustainable, businesses are now embracing a relatively new objective: optimizing their operations to improve environmental and social outcomes in a manner that increases overall performance. As a result, executives face entirely new decisions and must manage an intricate new set of trade-offs.

Outperforming companies in environmental and social responsibility are those that have become adept at collecting relevant and timely information from across their ecosystems, including their customers. These organizations and leaders in CSR point to a path forward – developing new sources of information and new levels of insight for meeting strategic sustainability objectives.

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  • Eric Riddleberger

    Eric Riddleberger

    Comms Sector Strategy & Transformation Practice Leader IBM Global Business Services

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