IBM GTS Cloud Transformation Services
(formerly Verizon cloud and managed hosting services)

Information pertinent to clients transitioning from Verizon ITS

On September 1, 2018, all billing and accounts receivable processes for cloud and managed hosting services (formerly provided by Verizon) will be migrating to IBM systems and processes. Beginning with the September 2018 billing cycle, you will receive an IBM invoice generated from IBM billing systems, which will look different than previous invoices. Detailed information about billing and invoicing changes can be found in the “What You Need to Know about IBM Billing & Payment Processing” document below.

The acquisition closed September 1, 2017 and clients can now realize the benefits of our joint capabilities through increased access to cloud, managed hosting, networking services and IT-as-a-Service. IBM Cloud platform, including Bluemix and IBM Services platform with Watson will result in infrastructure agility, improved application development, self-service and pay-as-you-use business models for clients.

Customer Support

Clients of the Verizon acquisition will see no change to how they access support. The support contact channels remain unchanged with continued 24x7 support. All existing global support operations, emails and phone numbers remain intact for Day 1. As reference, please use the attached link for a list of support contact numbers and emails that you should continue to use.

Other areas of interest

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Need an integrated platform for innovation and dev/test workloads?

Need access to scalable, secure Object Storage?

Need to create patterns and automate orchestration for faster delivery and release cycles?

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Need a trusted partner to help develop your journey to the cloud?

Contact us

Existing clients can contact their current Client Executive (CX) team who will continue to support them after September 1, 2017.

For other inquiries specific to these offerings, please contact Gina Sandon at