New study shows how IBM Open Source Support can improve developer productivity by 18% and help clients deploy new apps 38% faster¹

Discover how open source support can unlock value for your teams

What is IBM Open Source Support?

IBM Open Source Support helps enterprises adopt and support open source software to modernize and shift to cloud-based environments, and away from older hardware and software. It helps your business with overcoming the challenges of using open source software while optimizing all of the benefits.

How can IBM Open Source Support help your business?

IBM Open Source Support helps your business use open source software to simplify issue resolution and establish a single source of support and accountability for your open source software issues. This helps to reduce complexity and streamline problem solving.

What are some benefits that IBM Open Source Support can help your business attain?

IBM Open Source Support helps to reduce risk for your business and more forward with a preventative, proactive approach to security and compliance. It provides your business with reliable support and helps improve your productivity, so you’re spending less time resolving issues and more time innovating. It helps to reduce the cost of using commercially licensed software at scale.

Benefits of IBM open source support

Simplify issue resolution

Single source of support and accountability for your open source software issues helps to reduce complexity

Reduce risk

Take a preventative, proactive approach to security and compliance issues

Lower costs

Reduce cost of using commercially licensed software at scale

Improve productivity

IBM support services provide reliable support so your teams can spend less time fixing and more time innovating

Support for commercial open source software

  • IBM has been supporting open source for 20+ years
  • Support solutions are available for the Red Hat & SUSE product portfolios
  • IBM technicians hold key industry certifications
  • Premium support offerings are available including proactive and predictive services

Support for community open source software

  • Enterprise-class support for 240+ community versions (PDF, 433 KB) of open source software
  • Support for common OSS running in the cloud or on x86, IBM Power and IBM z Systems
  • IBM offers expert advisory services to help developers get answers to questions on topics such as interoperability, installation and configuration, helping to make your job easier.

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1. Source: The Business Value of IBM Open Source Support, Anaylst Report, January 2021 | Doc. #US47335721