A new IDC Report shows how IBM Open Source Support can improve developer productivity by 18% and helps clients deploy new apps 38% faster


IBM helps enterprises speed adoption of open source software. Our software support includes advisory, implementation, troubleshooting and day-to-day application management for commercial (Red Hat/SUSE) and 240+ community packages including Apache, OpenStack, Ansible, Python and many more, helping developers spending less time resolving issues and more time innovating.

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Overview of IBM Open Source Software Support (01:28)

Simplify issue resolution

A single source of support and accountability for your open source software helps reduce complexity and accelerate productivity

Reduce risk

Take a preventative, proactive approach to security and compliance issues

Lower costs

Reduce your spend on commercially licensed software by only paying for what you need when you need it.

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Overcoming the complexity of open source

Forrester found that 53% of enterprises are using five or more open source technologies and 79% of them struggle with real-time support. Enterprises need help unlocking the full potential of large-scale open source software adoption.

Addressing market uncertainty through open source

Be prepared and ensure you are flexible and are able to respond and innovate quickly in an ever changing market. Learn the key to using cloud and other open source technologies for responding to changing conditions and customer expectations.

Optimizing IBM open source software support services

IBM provides open source management service to accelerate the need for digital transformation support. As countries open for tourism, read how IBM collaborates with CAT Telecom to track the health of tourists through Covid Tracker app and help control the virus.

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