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The dynamics of the technology support business are rapidly changing, with the demand to streamline operations, reduce complexity and decrease costs. IBM Technology Support Services is revolutionizing IT support for the future, with innovative, advanced technologies to help simplify your IT support management and dramatically expand and extend new value to your business.

IBM can help you transform IT support management

Analytics on demand

Analytics on demand (AOD)

Get quick insights and identify automation opportunities. Optimize business processes across your enterprise and explore the adoption of AI technology. IBM AOD represents a cognitive strategy of data-driven insights, cognitive intelligence and analytics that enables you to improve the availability and efficiency of your infrastructure.

Augmented Remote Assist

Get the service expertise needed to perform complex diagnostics or repair actions. Powered by remote support agents, Augmented Remote Assist can guide users through visual instructions that appear on their mobile devices in real time.


IBM blockchain-powered technology produces trusted, transparent and always audit-ready support services by monitoring service-level agreement metrics and optimizing and automating support services from quote to cash.

Predictive analytics

Identify upcoming hardware failures before they arise and prevent those failures from occurring again. Predictive analytics extract insights from data and use them to predict trends and behavior.

Entitlement analytics

Entitlement analytics

Simplify the client registration, entitlement validation and exception handling process with intelligent search capabilities for hardware and software entitlement information.

Virtual Assistant for Technical Support (VATS)

Solve customer technical issues, enhance support coverage, reduce support cost and transform the customer experience by delivering proactive and personalized services while ensuring data privacy.

Technical Support Appliance (TSA)

Using advanced analytics, IBM TSA discovers IT inventory information, combines it with IBM’s worldwide support information and displays both IBM and non-IBM inventory and support recommendations in reports. TSA can be included with any IBM Technology Support Services offering.

KPIs and metrics

KPIs and metrics

Gain the data and analysis to improve understanding of business status, support business decisions and facilitate business transformation globally.

Client Insights Portal

Improve the availability and efficiency of your infrastructure and see a single view of your inventory for Capex and Opex planning.

Intelligent networking support (INS)

Identify problems before they occur and improve business operations. IBM INS delivers well-structured output in the form of a device-detailed report, a dashboard and a holistic overview of the state of your network, including remedial actions.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an iterative process in which interdisciplinary teams work efficiently on creating high value from generating insights, testing and refining solutions for you. 

Cross pattern benchmark

Cross pattern benchmark (XPB)

The IBM XPB report compares the operational performance of a specific client with a benchmarking partner. It analyzes both call and reporting data to deliver valuable insights into the health status of the IT environment.

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