The healthcare scenario

The global costs of chronic diseases, shifting payment systems to value-based care and digitization with the advent of mobile and social technologies is changing how individuals interact with hospitals and what expectations they have of their healthcare experience.

Consumer-focused technology companies have begun to enter the healthcare space, with the near certainty of disrupting the business of both the healthcare providers and the technology and services companies in the industry.

New age technologies need to lead the healthcare reinvention journey to achieve cost optimization, improved operational efficiency and delivering exemplary patient experience.

The transformation continuum

The digitization of healthcare is underway, revolutionizing information access and availability. The next era offers new insights, new ways to interact and new possibilities for information. Hospital IT needs to modernize and transform to focus on value, with emphasis on a performance-based and outcome-driven approach. This transformation is built on three pillars:

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Optimize costs and reduce clinician burden, deliver value and achieve optimal clinical processes with flexible operations that focus on digital innovation enabled by AI and automation.

Value-based care

Value-based care

The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care influences many of the dynamics in the healthcare provider industry and drastically changes the business of providing healthcare. The focus is on addressing cost and quality by managing risk and populations, engaging with consumers and making more confident decisions.

Adaptive care model

Adaptive care model

It is imperative to champion experiences through new, consumer-oriented technologies to educate and engage both clinicians and consumers. Empowering clinicians and care providers to adapt to new technologies not only increases their effectiveness, but also helps them deliver industry-leading patient experiences.

The IBM approach

IBM IT services for healthcare

Healthcare organizations need a suite of solutions and services to create a solid foundational IT infrastructure platform that helps drive down costs, improve operational efficiency and create exemplary experiences for your consumers and clinicians.

IBM IT services for healthcare are powered by advanced technology to help you optimize costs, reduce risk, support compliance processes, enhance customer engagement, create new revenue streams and establish a security-rich and reliable infrastructure that's ready for AI and hybrid cloud.

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Success spotlight

Medtronic builds a cognitive mobile personal assistant app to assist with daily diabetes management

TeleClinic makes healthcare more efficient with an app based on the IBM Cloud™

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America advances research and improves care with a hybrid IBM Cloud

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