An optimized customer experience is more vital than ever in the era of self-service banking

CIOs and other IT decision makers must invest their IT budgets effectively to ensure they are winning, retaining, and serving their customers. As your bank adopts new technologies, your tech support model grows exponentially, as does the complexity of managing so many support vendors. Streamlining your support with smart technology can save you as much as 30% over your existing approach to IT support management.

Optimizing the amount of time and cost spent on support enables these decision makers to pursue strategic investments.

Read our Total Economic Impact study of deploying IBM‘s Multi-vendor Support for your IT ecosystem.


High availability

High availability

Integrate multi-vendor technologies to maintain always-on access and support customers when, where and how they choose to engage



Safeguard available systems with physical and logical security in order to protect customers, the bank and the bank’s ecosystem of business partners

Reduced cost

Reduced cost

Weigh one-time and ongoing financial impacts when making trade-offs associated with availability and security investments

Predictive maintenance

Machine and component-level predictions help increase availability, reduce costs and extend the life of your existing systems by signaling upcoming necessary updates, software patches and replacement of warranty parts, and scheduling fixes during off-peak times

Cognitive capabilities

Self-service, call routing and Watson AI Assistant help reduce costs and increase the customer focus

Augmented reality

Critical problems receive the highest level of support with a high first-time fix rate

Services powered by the IBM Services Platform with Watson

Run your infrastructure with an intelligent IT platform that has the ability to make autonomous decisions and uses data to manage the operations that keep your environment healthy, always on and continually optimized

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