Simplify IT support, regardless of the manufacturer, with tried and tested industry-specific solutions


  • Support for all your banking IT systems
  • Predict system breakage
  • Proactive notification before failure
  • Over 135,000 ATMs supported


  • Minimized point-of-sale outages
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved system performance
  • Wall-to-wall support for virtually all store devices


  • Optimized patient outcomes
  • Improved response times
  • Consistent customer experiences
  • Comprehensive support powered by Watson


IBM Multi-Vendor Support Services

Save as much as 30% with IBM Multi-Vendor Support

IBM supports over 30,000 IT devices across all manufacturers, saving you time and money.

Forrester on IBM Multi-Vendor Support Services

How much could your business save over three years?

Proactive data center support

The increased complexity that comes with managing many vendors within the four walls of the data center can become a logistical nightmare. IBM can help you support the growing demand for 24x7 service while maintaining security and availability.

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  • Network Support
  • Open Source Support
  • Data Center Support
  • And more

ATM and Branch Banking Support Services

How will branch banking evolve over the next five years?

What does the future of banking look like and how can IBM Multi-Vendor Support Services help make the vision a reality?

ATM and Branch Banking Support Services

IBM uses predictive analytics to identify  problems before they occur.

How will IT support for branch banking evolve in the next five years?

While AI diagnoses issues, the best technicians will be available on any service call through augmented reality support technology.

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Retail Technology Support Services

The intelligent store — transforming retail support through innovation

Connecting the dots between IT infrastructure and customer-facing devices has become the new business prescription, designed to excite and delight today's shopper while increasing overall efficiency.

Augmented reality support can help keep your systems up and running

Simplify your technology support process and solve your own hardware issues with a touch of a button.

Increase operational efficiency with intelligent store support

Reduce the complexity of IT maintenance, improve sales and keep your budgets under control with a mix of transformative, wall-to-wall support solutions for intelligent stores.

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Healthcare Technology Support Services

Accelerate urgent care

Long wait times are the #1 complaint of urgent care patients. IBM Healthcare Technology Support Solutions can help.

Fortis Healthcare reduced their costs with IBM Healthcare Technology Support Services

We provided Fortis Healthcare Ltd. with a consolidated IT support solution that maintains their software, hardware and network.

Reduce expenses and enable predictable costs

Reduce IT support costs and manage end-of-life medical devices in a cost-effective way.

IBM Healthcare Technology Support Solutions

Provide healthcare organizations with a single point of contact for managing a security-rich healthcare digital environment.

More Multi-Vendor Support Services options

Integrated Multi-Vendor Support (IMS) for your data center

Get technology support for your data center's multi-vendor devices.

Open Source Software Support

Simplify your open source cloud infrastructure support with a single-source technical support solution from IBM.

Need support for your network?

IBM supports Cisco, Juniper, F5, Palo Alto, Check Point, Riverbed, Citrix and many more.

AppleCare for Enterprise

Receive Apple-branded support, delivered in partnership with IBM.

Technology Support Services for VMware products

Resolve issues quickly with rapid-response technical support.

Microsoft product support

Simplify Microsoft support with a single point of contact.

Defer your payments until 2019 with IBM Global Financing

Explore payment options for your IT solutions

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