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Optimize your infrastructure with technology lifecycle services
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IBM Technology Lifecycle Services provides world-class IT support, services and insights for multivendor data center environments—including servers, storage, networking, security and software.

Drive consistency across your data center with an integrated support strategy leveraging premium support and services to minimize downtime and free up your IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives. Take advantage of IBM Support Insights to streamline asset management, help you benefit from preventive maintenance, and support analytics that your team needs if it’s going to solve IT issues before they become emergencies. Leverage infrastructure services to keep your data center running smoothly.

Find out the benefits of IBM Hybrid IT Support from the Forrester report.

Benefits High availability and security

Leverage predictive analytics and a dedicated technical account manager to manage and mitigate IT problems before those problems threaten business continuity.

Cost savings

Consolidate support vendors to drive cost savings, free up your IT team for strategic projects and reduce vendor management.

Support simplification

Streamline support with data center support consolidation to reduce time spent managing contracts and vendors. Leverage IT services to let IBM manage your day-to-day data center needs.

What we do Infrastructure support

Leverage IBM to support your IBM Power®, IBM® Z®, IBM LinuxONE, IBM Storage and multivendor infrastructure.

IBM Expert Care IBM Support Services for Multivendor Server, Storage, Network and Security
Project and premium services

Build a customized support strategy with premium services to drive consistency and reduce downtime in your data center.

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Support insights

Insights and analytics provide headlights into support gaps, interoperability and security issues, inventory and more.

IBM Support Insights
Service Extensions

Maintain support for your IBM Power, IBM Z, LinuxONE and Storage products while you plan for your next upgrade with a service extension.

IBM Hardware Support Extension IBM Software Service Extension
Integrated data center support

Take advantage of IBM support across your data center to drive lower costs and reduce downtime.

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What we support Servers and storage

IBM supports IBM Power, IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE and IBM Storage as well as leading third-party server and storage vendors with a range of support options and data center services to manage day-to-day needs and optimize systems health.

Enterprise networking and security

From installation and configuration, to end-of-life options, IBM can help you install, configure and optimize your networking infrastructure—providing premium support, identifying interdependencies and reducing the time spent on managing the network across its lifetime.


IBM supports operating systems like AIX® , IBM i, z/OS® and Linux®, as well as core enterprise software such as Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat® and SUSE.

Who we support Servers and Storage
  • IBM Power
  • IBM Z
  • IBM LinuxONE
  • Dell
  • Fujitsu
  • HPE
  • Lenovo
  • Oracle
  • Supermicro
  • IBM Storage
  • Dell EMC
  • Hitachi
  • Pure Storage
  • NetApp
Networking and Security
  • Cisco Systems
  • Juniper Networks
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Check Point Software Technologies
  • F5
  • Fortinet
  • AIX
  • IBM i
  • z/OS
  • Linux
  • Red Hat
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • SUSE
Premium services

According to an IDC white paper, a holistic data center support and services strategy includes lifecycle services to “overcome the significant barriers to maintaining and optimizing the complex, multicloud IT infrastructure necessary to support the digital business.”

Find out more from the IDC white paper

Find out more about infrastructure services offerings

Sustainable solutions from deployment to disposal

TLS provides various sustainability offerings designed to help clients optimize IT resource usage, reduce carbon footprint, and meet enterprise security, industry, and regulatory requirements through secure and sustainable asset disposal, throughout the lifecycle.

IT Sustainability Offerings

Task-based services for your data center

TLS provides hardware-agnostic and software task-based services for a variety of projects. Services are available for special events such as relocation, physical inventory inspection and even data center operations reviews. Find out more about the project services IBM provides for your IBM Infrastructure and across the data center.

IBM Project Services for Infrastructure

Data center orchestration and management

Best practices for high IT service availability include strengthening service management, tightening end-to-end execution, and leveraging data analytics techniques to enable a shift of technical support from reactive to preventative. IBM Accelerated Value Program provides clients with a dedicated team focused on proactive orchestration at a worldwide, geographic and process level. Find out more about IBM Accelerated Value Program.

IBM Accelerated Value Program

Networking deployment and performance

Mistakes in network installation and configuration can be a considerable source of downtime. Leverage IBM Technology Lifecycle Services to install and configure your networking solution.

Technology lifecycle services for Cisco products

IT service availability and resiliency assessment

The High Availability Center of Competency (HACoC) taps technology and service management experts from across IBM and the industry to assess clients' IT infrastructures and delivery practices and collaborate to define the strategy and solutions needed to help them reach their availability goals.

High Availability Center of Competency (HACoC) brief

Operational resiliency

IT support and services can be an important element in the ongoing requirements for operational resiliency.  Find out how proactive support, support insights and a holistic data center support strategy can help you drive operational resiliency.

Data center insights
Predictive insights to solve potential IT problems and unplanned downtime IBM Support Insights is a powerful, AI-enabled tool that improves IT reliability and streamlines asset management. It provides preventive maintenance analytics to help your team solve IT issues before they become emergencies. Use it to simplify management of your IT infrastructure and reduce gaps in support coverage. Explore IBM Support Insights
Why IBM Read the “IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Support Services 2022 Vendor Assessment” report to find out more about the quality of our services. Register to download the report We are a market leader

IBM is proud to be named a leader in the new IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Support Services 2022 Vendor Assessment report.

We understand your business

"Customers state that the partnerships IBM creates at the higher levels of the C-suite allows IBM to truly understand the business needs of the customer, and in return, the C-suite of the customer has access to IBM executives." (Quote from IDC Marketscape)

Our NPS scores speak for themselves

IBM Technology Lifecycle Services is a world-class provider dedicated to delivering an exceptional client experience, as measured by our Net Promoter Scores.

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