IBM will meet you where you are in your talent development journey to help build a resilient workforce that can adapt to changing business models while creating a culture of continuous learning

How can IBM help me understand my organization's existing skills baseline?

Through our consultant services and AI programs, we can identify the skills that are currently in the organization. Once your organization's skills baseline has been established, we can help enhance and enrich the employee experience through AI-enabled methodologies that enable accurate data to drive future skilling strategies.

How can IBM help my workforce continue their development and drive my organization to succeed?

We use a fully configurable IBM Talent Platform to design an employee experience that drives engagement and encourages workforce ownership. Our platform is aligned with the current technical landscape and delivers personalized learning, stimulates mobility, and helps employees adapt to the demands of a changing workplace. Employees can gain visibility into their own learning and skills, making it easier for them to switch roles within the organization.

How does this fit into my organization's overall talent and business strategy?

By promoting new ways of working, you can better prepare employees for interactions with customers in a virtual world. Building a skilled and engaged workforce will allow you to meet dynamic business strategies and retain high-performing talent. 

Optimizing your talent development for success

Agile workforce planning

Put skills at the core of your workforce strategy and increase the ROI of your employees - from acquisition, teaming, career coaching, and retention. IBM consultants advise and deliver a talent development strategy enabled by technology and work with you to put it in action.

Inspired experiences

Increase productivity and employee engagement by up to 17% with on-time learning, community, and coaching experiences that offer dynamic content on a unified UI. We orchestrate employee engagements that deliver inspiration and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Adaptive talent platform

Reduce the cost of delivering learning by 50% with the IBM Garage, where we mobilize, co-create, and co-operate a tailored talent solution. We accelerate your ability to orchestrate an ecosystem that can support, augment, and automate the talent lifecycle on a single platform.

What we do

Accelerated workforce strategy decisions

By applying Watson AI, we can provide unique insights into the client’s total organizational skills portfolio and rapidly identify the existing skills gap, which is critical to close for achieving business goals.

Real-world experience developing employee skills

There are multiple entry points in the business and talent management lifecycle for skills transformation to occur. Through a multi-faceted approach, we enabled our own transformation, and today, half of IBM’s revenues come from skills that the business did not have 5 years ago. 

New ways of working

We can build a personalized talent development plan and address the skills gap at the speed of a start up and scale of an enterprise with the IBM Garage. This agile approach allows our consultants to help tackle your workforce challenges and deliver innovative solutions. 

Additional services for talent development

Competencies in the AI era

Learn how to prepare competency frameworks to leverage AI and cognitive computing to transform your HR strategy.

Crowdsource internal talent

Enable teams working remotely to crowdsource talent, ideas, outcomes, and expertise across an organization while providing employees the opportunity to hone their skills through experiential learning and feedback.

AI Accelerators

See how IBM Services coupled with AI Accelerators can enhance content discoverability and enable personalized learning journeys for employees.

Delivering for our clients

New rules for people and talent

Our world, as we know it, has changed overnight to virtual first. During our 2020 Think Digital conference, Johnson and Johnson discusses this shift and how agile and adaptive organizations are weathering these changes while keeping their people engaged, productive, and happy. 

Retain and share expertise seamlessly

Woodside Energy leverages IBM technology to help preserve the knowledge of its most senior experts and pass along this critical information to new employees. This AI-enabled solution saves employees time and improves their safety on the job.

Equip employees with the skills they need 

Thousands of people face barriers to finding work—sometimes it’s a lack of training or education, limited job skills, or a disability. Goodwill of North Georgia is using IBM solutions to build a highly-skilled workforce that can navigate the complexities of helping people find work.

Continue your transformation journey 

Talent Acquisition

Amplify your competitive advantage by hiring talent using advanced innovation and AI to unleash new sources of value across talent management.

HR Transformation

HR is the new engine of growth for the organization, helping attract and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce that supports evolving business needs.

Change Management

Organizational transformation in today’s digital era demands a fundamentally distinct, employee-centric approach to change management.

Chat with an IBM expert

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