IBM HR Transformation can help you reinvent the HR function, enhance the employee experience, and build skills for the future

How can we modernize our HR function to deliver better and optimize costs?

We can help you align your HR technology strategy with your HR service delivery model to deliver efficiencies—including cost reductions through the incorporation of outsourcing capabilities with IBM Managed Employee Services. With IBM, you can define and implement the AI, cloud, and existing HR technologies necessary to enhance productivity and enable your desired HR experience.

How can we deliver a world-class employee experience?

We use IBM Enterprise Design Thinking techniques to help identify the 'moments that matter' to your employees and design human-centric process journeys—working with multi-disciplinary user teams in an iterative, agile model. Thereafter, we build those experiences into your HR operating model and processes using the IBM Garage approach of rapid prototyping and prioritizing speed to value.

How can we build the organizational capabilities needed to innovate and lead in the future?

We use IBM Talent Frameworks to help define the critical skills needed for the organization to innovate, compete, and lead in the dynamic marketplace of rapidly evolving technologies, changing consumer behaviors, and global competition. We can help align the organizational processes to effectively acquire, develop, and deploy the critical skills and develop an organizational skills map—integrating human and AI capabilities to drive optimal organizational performance.

Optimizing your HR transformation for success

Reimagine experiences

Improve annual retention by 20% with an intelligent and personalized employee experience

Leverage AI

Reduce HR operations by 10% through the use of smart chatbots and automated processes

Move to the cloud

Cut the cost of HR technology by 25% while delivering accurate insights for decision making

What we do

Assess the maturity of your HR function and develop a roadmap to reach your strategic goals

IBM knows HR technology and what it takes to develop a solid and practical HR strategy to get your organization to its desired destination. We begin with a maturity assessment to help you see where you are versus where you want to be in order to meet the needs of the business. We don't stop with the strategy; we can help you build the people, process, and technology capabilities you need in order to realize your vision.

Leverage artificial intelligence to deliver an exceptional employee experience

The most effective HR operating models are taking advantage of what artificial intelligence, or AI, offers in order to provide a delightful employee experience for the lowest possible cost. IBM is a pioneer in the world of AI—using the world class capabilities we have built in our own HR function to help you reimagine your enterprise experience and better serve your employees with personalization and efficiency.

Improve the quality of your HR data and provide business insights for better decision making

HR technology is a fundamental component of your HR ecosystem. IBM can help you move HR to the cloud to profoundly transform ways of working and create an agile, future-proofed organization. If you have already made the move to the cloud, we can help you optimize your investment and give your leaders access to accurate, real-time data and analytics—so they can make the most informed decisions possible.

Additional services for HR transformation

Dynamic operating model

Designing flexible and agile ways of working to enable organizations to rapidly respond to changing business needs, deliver increased value and efficiencies, and enhance employee engagement.

Process improvement

Employee-centric process improvement using Enterprise Design Thinking techniques and an iterative approach to rethink how work gets done, simplify processes, and harness the power of AI and automation.

HR healthcheck

A short, sharp review of the status of an organization's HR function—including the HR strategy, organization, people, process, and technology—to enable targeted project offerings and follow ups.

Delivering for our clients

Emerging smarter with intelligent workflows

This multinational foodservice company is accelerating business transformation while creating a smarter business built for change and rooted in humanity.

Writing new rules for managing talent

This multinational healthcare company is using technology to keep employees engaged, productive, happy, and resilient as they take on the new normal.

Empowering today’s remote workforce

This multinational financial services company is sustaining communication, collaboration, capabilities, and culture in a virtual operating model.

Industry solutions

HR line of business experience for government agencies

Our HR LOB shared services offer a configurable, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that accelerates an agency's move to the cloud and modernizes government HR systems. As a trusted and secure partner, IBM provides a federally compliant solution to streamline operations and improve your employee experience.

Continue your transformation journey

Talent Acquisition

Amplify your competitive advantage by hiring talent using advanced innovation and AI to unleash new sources of value across talent management.

Talent Development

Skills and experience are the new currency of competitive value, and this requires organizations to build a culture of continuous learning.

Change Management

Organizational transformation in today’s digital era demands a fundamentally distinct, employee-centric approach to change management.

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