Information about customer preferences, shopping behaviors, market trends and operations can be leveraged to optimize everything from the product mix, to the timing of promotions, to the forecasting of future demand. Retailers around the world are turning to IBM and SAP to help build that platform.

Retail solutions

IBM helps retailers transform through roadmap development, solutions, infrastructure, research sciences, consulting and interactive user experience design — based on what consumers are demanding.

Why IBM?

IBM retail solutions help you understand and engage with customers — directly and in real time. Create a synchronized, predictive value chain that delivers products within an exceptional online experience.

IBM Global Business Services offered the strongest local consulting resources and most comprehensive experience of retail deployments of SAP software.

Gürol Sungun, SAP Project Manager, CarrefourSA

Case studies

CarrefourSA opens a new store every day to reach its 750-store target

CarrefourSA, working with IBM Global Business Services®, created integrated business processes supported by SAP ERP and SAP HANA solutions — cutting the cost, complexity and time required to open and manage new stores.

Bestore: Solving the challenges of Singles’ Day in China

China’s Singles’ Day is one of the busiest online shopping periods in the world. Bestore implemented flexible online ordering solutions based on SAP Hybris B2C Commerce in order to handle massive peak workloads.

Brooks Brothers refashions human resources with SuccessFactors and IBM

After choosing SuccessFactors, Brooks Brothers freed store managers from manual processes, increased productivity, and reduced hiring and onboarding times.

The retail evolution

The retail environment is evolving at a breathtaking pace. It is not just about providing the lowest price or even the best selection. Today, it is about connecting with customers. With the right retail platform, businesses can turn raw data into actionable intelligence.

Educational resources


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Uniquely Generation Z: What brands should know about today’s youngest consumers

Generation Z, the latest cohort of shoppers, wields enormous economic power and is key to consumer products and retail companies’ success.

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