Why run SAP applications managed on cloud?

  • Operational efficiency and security benefits: Improved security and compliance reporting for workloads; faster delivery of services and applications to line-of-business; improved disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Financial and strategic benefits: Predictable, managed costs and resources for SAP workloads; contribution to company digital transformation journey; reduced hardware and software maintenance costs.

How managed cloud services can help different industries

How managed cloud services can help different industries


Financial services firms are turning to their IT leaders to address a growing number of urgent operational challenges.


The conservative insurance industry is starting to embrace the digital era, by adopting cloud, analytics, and next-generation technologies.


The focus is on leveraging technology for innovation to build routes to market, improve customer engagement, and supply chain efficiencies.


To compete with offshore facilities, “smart factories” leverage innovative solutions including predictive analytics, and virtual reality.


Survival calls for innovative thinking and execution. Successful retailers are pivoting their focus from basic sales to customer experience.

2018 Best Practice Award: IBM receives Frost & Sullivan’s North America Managed ERP Services leadership award.


Transform your SAP deployment with cloud managed services: Six lessons from users

Free up IT staff resources

Free up IT staff resources

Let IBM skilled resources perform time-consuming management and maintenance of SAP applications so your resources can focus on higher value projects that enable innovation.

Guaranteed SLAs

Guaranteed SLAs

Choose the service-level agreement (SLA) you need — up to 99.9% — from the virtual machine to the operating system (OS) and up to the application level.

Around-the-clock security

Preemptive protection and rapid threat resolution help reduce potential damages and losses. Continuous monitoring and granular control can provide visibility into attacks before they affect your data and infrastructure.

Calculate potential savings for your SAP apps

The cost benefits SAP estimator can help you identify key areas of savings that can be reinvested in innovation, IT labor optimization and reduced TCO.


Frost & Sullivan: Improving your IT security and compliance with cloud managed services for SAP applications

Accelerate cloud adoption

Moving your SAP applications to IBM Cloud™ can improve your agility and speed time to market, increasing competitiveness and allowing you to better serve your lines of business.

Move to SAP HANA and multiple management options

IBM has been helping clients successfully move to HANA since 2014 and to deploy SAP workloads on either self-managed or fully managed cloud environments.

Multiple OS and DB support

Multiple OS and DB support

IBM supports AIX®, Red Hat and Microsoft Windows operating systems and the most popular databases, including IBM DB2®, Oracle, Sybase ASE, SQL Server and HANA.


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