Learn how IBM managed services in combination with Azure can simplify your SAP operations

Shift the management and maintenance of your SAP workloads to IBM so you can focus on your core business

What is IBM Managed Services for SAP Applications?

IBM Managed Services for SAP Applications helps your business gain agility and optimize your resources, helping your business focus more on innovation and new opportunities.

How can IBM Managed Services for SAP Applications help my business?

IBM Managed Services for SAP Applications helps your business improve its operational efficiency and security benefits. It helps improve your security and compliance reporting for workload and accelerates the delivery of services and applications to the line-of-business. It also has financial and strategic benefits, such as predictable, managed cost and resources for SAP and Oracle workloads and improved managed IT.

What are some benefits that IBM Managed Services for SAP Applications can help your business attain?

IBM Managed Services for SAP Applications helps accelerate your cloud adoption, improving your agility and quickening your time to market. It also helps you choose the services-level-agreement (SLA) that works best for your business’ needs, bolsters your cyber resilience and establishes preemptive protection and rapid threat resolution that helps reduce potential damages and losses.

What you get with Managed Services for SAP Applications

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Simplify your SAP ERP application management with a unified team of experts

Accelerate cloud adoption

Moving your SAP application in to a managed cloud can improve your agility and speed time to market.

Guaranteed SLAs

Choose the services-level-agreement (SLA) you need- up to 99.9% from the virtual machine to the operation system (OS) and up to the application level. 

Around-the-cloud Security

Preemptive protection and rapid threat resolution help reduce potential damages and losses.

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Calculate your potential savings

Identify key areas of savings by running your SAP applications on the cloud that can be reinvested in innovation, such as time to value acceleration, IT labor optimization and reduced infrastructure TCO.

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