IBM® Services for SAP Managed Applications has announced new services, expanding capabilities for multiple cloud environments.

Why run SAP applications on a managed cloud?

Gain agility by shifting the management and maintenance of your SAP ERP applications to IBM⏤with the cloud provider of your choice⏤freeing up time and resources to focus more on innovation and new business opportunities.

  • Operational efficiency and security benefits Improved security and compliance reporting for workload; faster delivery of services and applications to line - of -business; improved, managed IT, disaster recovery and business continuity  
  • Financial and strategic benefits Predictable, managed cost and resources for SAP and Oracle workloads; contribution to company digital transformation journey; reduced hardware and software maintenance costs.

What you get with Managed Services for SAP Applications

SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud: Is it for you?

Many SAP customers are asking:

  • Should I move to SAP HANA and when?
  • Should I move my SAP workload to the Cloud?
  • What kind of Cloud (Private, Public) 
  • Should it stay on-premise?  "Should I do both?"  
  • Where is SAP taking HANA with S4/HANA and how does it impact my infrastructure?

SAP S/4HANA on Cloud: Your Migration Roadmap featuring

SAP customers are looking at S/4HANA and SAP Cloud Platform as the way to enable themselves for these technologies.

Learn more about:

  • Paths to S/4HANA
  • IBM’s Point of View on Hosting Options
  • How to Get Ready for the S/4HANA Transformation

SAP S/4HANA on Cloud: Security & Compliance in the Cloud

On-Premise vs Public Cloud - What does it matter for security with SAP Applications?
Learn more about:

  • Anatomy of Security and Compliance
  • Required Security and Compliance Functions
  • Optional Security and Compliance Functions
  • Securing the Applications

Question on moving your applications to a managed cloud?

Simplify your SAP ERP application management with a unified team of experts

Accelerate cloud adoption

Moving your SAP application in to a managed cloud can improve your agility and speed time to market.

Guaranteed SLAs

Choose the services-level-agreement (SLA) you need- up to 99.9% from the virtual machine to the operation system (OS) and up to the application level. 

Around-the-cloud Security

Preemptive protection and rapid threat resolution help reduce potential damages and losses.

10 considerations for managing a hybrid multicloud environment

How to simplify IT management to maximize cloud benefits.
26% of IT leaders say they can effectively monitor and manage their IT environment across applications, clouds, servers, mainframes, network and storage units.

Deeper insights to learn how to managed SAP applications on cloud

Find a strategic partner: How managed cloud services can Facilitate your digital Transformation

Analyst group Frost & Sullivan shares results from a recent survey of IT decision makers to show how businesses rely on their managed cloud service provider to help them realize their transformation strategies.

Enterprise Applications and Cloud Managed Services: 269 CIOs share their views

Based on a Frost & Sullivan survey of 269 senior IT executives, this paper reveals why companies are using cloud managed services for SAP or Oracle workloads.

IBM receives Frost & Sullivan’s North America Managed ERP Services leadership award for 2018

In their 2018 Best Practices Award, Frost & Sullivan recognizes IBM's strong managed services offering around business-critical ERP services, and proves their worth and benefits to clients based in customer results statistics.

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