The SAP and IBM knowledge hub

IBM® client centers for SAP solutions are global hubs for everything SAP with expert teams on board to facilitate customer engagement. They work closely with SAP users to provide customized solutions using latest methodologies and technologies from IBM and SAP. Their wealth of knowledge enhances the end-to-end SAP solution development lifecycle.

The IBM SAP International Competence Center

The IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC) is the heart of the global IBM and SAP Alliance based in Waldorf, Germany. The center offers latest information and solutions regarding software, hardware and services for SAP applications. The ISICC supports and drives marketing and sales initiatives in accordance with the SAP growth strategy.

IBM client center - lab for SAP solutions

The lab for SAP solutions integrates the latest technology in software, hardware and services from IBM Research, IBM Watson and IBM MobileFirst with SAP solutions, including S/4HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Mobile Platform, Hybris, and more. Together, SAP and IBM help to differentiate your enterprise, contribute to growth and cut costs.

Industry solution centers

Industry-oriented centers are located worldwide for users to observe IBM and SAP solutions with leading technologies in action. Industry technical experts and solution prototype demos help clients address various business challenges. Clients can also see market trends and view new technologies, including  analytics, cognitive, cloud and digital.

Client centers

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