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IBM and SAP work together to design and build custom solutions to address your specific business need from SAP S/4HANA migration to application management to creating predictive value chains. Concurrently, these transformative solutions help to increase customer value, enhance customer experiences and help you establish a stronger digital presence.

Welcome to Smart Talks

The IBM Services roundtable series is dedicated to bringing together tech experts and leaders to discuss major trends in business and technology.

Becoming a Digital Business

Keith Costello, Global VP SAP and Liz Herbert, VP Forrester talk about what it takes to become a digital business.

Keith Costello, Global VP SAP and Liz Herbert, VP Forrester

Data and Insights

Data and the insights gleaned from your business data should be a top priority for all businesses, according to Costello and Herbert.

Liz Herbert, VP Forrester

Refreshing the Digital Core

How does a business go about refreshing the digital core? Costello and Herbert discuss the steps.

Betting on Innovation

Costello and Herbert talk about innovation and the modern ERP.

Keith Costello, Global VP SAP

Building a Roadmap of Change

Using your company's roadmap to navigate change can be tricky. Costello and Herbert discuss why that is.

Art of the Possible

Costello and Herbert discuss the art of the possible in the modern ERP.

Keith Costello, Global VP SAP and Liz Herbert, VP Forrester

Services for SAP Applications

IBM Services for Managed SAP Applications

IBM experts help manage and monitor your operating systems, databases and SAP applications on physical and virtual servers using leading cloud technology.

Consulting services for SAP S/4HANA

IBM experts help to accelerate your adoption and transformation to SAP S/4HANA – the in-memory business suite that delivers simple enterprise functions.

Services for SAP Ariba

From consultation through SAP Ariba implementation, IBM SAP Services digitally reinvents your procurement operations for modernization and efficiency.

Services for SAP SuccessFactors

IBM SAP Services help companies create a strategic human resource management solution, enabling it with SAP SuccessFactors solutions — quickly and effectively.

Services for SAP C/4HANA

IBM and SAP can help you drive better client experiences by designing strategies and solutions that can make marketing, sales and service come together.

Application development and management for SAP services

With over 14,000 SAP ADM practitioners, IBM services supports your SAP needs with proactive maintenance, optimization, modernization, transition and more.

Applications on IBM Servers

SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

With IBM and SAP, you can run an in-memory database with more efficiency, power and speed, at a lower cost of ownership with relevant, actionable analytics.

IBM Db2 for SAP

From enterprise planning to customer relationship management, IBM Db2® offers a wide choice of platforms and provides tight integration, accelerated performance and reliability.

Industry solutions for SAP applications

Get more value from your applications with Industry-specific solutions. You can extend your SAP investment by modernizing applications, while becoming more adaptable to the specific disruptions affecting your industry and your business.

Learn about the success clients have achieved with IBM and SAP

Explore latest perspectives

Bosch Group: Unleashing massive flexibility to support innovation

Bosch Group implemented SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems for business users to set up systems quickly with minimal support from IT.

Digital Reinvention®: New E2E (everyone-to-everyone) Economy

To prepare for the radical disruption ahead, companies need to create digital experiences and business models that are orchestrated, contextual and cognitive.

SAP Ariba and IBM Join Forces

SAP Ariba and IBM are transforming procurement, developing next-generation source-to-settle solutions using cognitive computing – SAP Leonardo and IBM Watson.

IBM and SAP centers

Visit a center for SAP solutions, strategically located worldwide, to work with experts on projects that solve real business cases using latest methodologies and technologies from IBM and SAP.