Creating a 360° view of your core business applications


What’s blocking your company’s line of sight?

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Are your business systems holding you back? Core business applications are now more important than ever to build a smarter business, and it's essential that their full power is harnessed for success. Yet many are still not delivering the operational performance that industrial enterprises require. Data silos within your core enterprise applications can diminish visibility and impair operational effort, and outdated applications may prevent you from realizing potential growth and competitive advantage.

Here are some thought provoking facts about your business apps:

  • 1 terabyte of production data is created daily by the average factory
  • <1% of production data is analyzed and acted upon in real time1
  • Infrastructure failure can cost $100,000/hour
  • Critical application failure can cost $500,000-$1M/hour2

Analyzing whether your core applications are actually working to their full potential? Ask the following key questions:

Key question
What it means
1. Are you able to access your data easily?
Closed and siloed applications block the right information from reaching the right people at the right time. In fact, 64% of executives agree that traditional business models don't generate as much value from their data versus platforms.3
2. Are your processes inefficient?
Inefficient and manual processes can easily disrupt or slow operations. 39% of manufacturers state that misalignment of processes is the biggest challenge to achieving intelligent automation of workflows.4
3. Are you leveraging your technology?
Outdated technologies often prevent teams from responding in an agile manner. The ability to pivot is essential in today’s environment. 87% of senior managers now consider achieving effective digital workplaces to now be imperative.5
4. Are your skills in the right place?
Companies still spend the bulk of their time handling day-to-day operations, which leaves little time for strategy and even less time to deliver digital benefits. 60%-80% of C-suite executives say they are tied up with day-to-day operations versus strategy.6
5. Can multiple vendors deliver?
Companies look to multiple external vendors who bring siloed point solutions and can't scale.

Ultimately, suboptimal operational performance leads to lower client, employee, and consumer experiences.


We can integrate your core enterprise applications to improve operational performance

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IBM's integrated approach allows you to maximize the potential of your core business applications, make critical decisions faster and more accurately, optimize investments to fund innovation, and deliver essential customer experiences.

Building a unified approach from strategy through deployment will help your business maintain existing vendor relationships, as well as coordinate and manage your core enterprise application partners.

Operational Agility

IBM can help provide operational agility by automating certain workflows, leveraging growth in edge devices, and deploying 5G mobility solutions. Automating workflows helps your business anticipate and adapt to change, while integrating core applications with the latest technologies adds agility. 79% of COOs say they will prioritize enterprise agility as a central business competency over the next two years.7

Business Insights

Integrating, managing, and analyzing data helps break down data silos. With IBM, this data can be interpreted into actionable insights, while AI can be embedded for predictive analytics and forecasting. With IBM's advanced analytics, businesses can increase production throughput by 130%.8

Enterprise-wide Flexibility

Added operational value comes when you have flexibility across your enterprise. When partnered with IBM, you can operate your core business applications securely in the hybrid cloud. This ensures you have the right fit for your business without being locked into any one vendor.

“With IBM, we can take on a lot more as an organization and will be able to scale up capacity as our business continues to grow. This would be almost impossible without a partner like IBM.”
Vice President
Whirlpool Corporation

Consolidate and Convene

When you rely on IBM as your valued partner, we can help consolidate your core enterprise applications and convene your vendors. This is important because simplified management means better delivery on strategy, integration, and deployment requirements on a global scale. By convening vendors, you can maintain the existing vendor relationships while also coordinating and managing application partners. IBM’s unified approach consolidates and convenes, allowing you to maximize the potential of your core business.

Enterprise Application Partners
  • 100+ joint innovations with enterprise application partners
  • 40,000 global consultants dedicated to platforms like SAP, Microsoft, and Samsung
  • 90,000+ cloud architects and practitioners trained on every major cloud platform
  • As an industry-leading partner, IBM is currently the #1 US patent leader for the 27th consecutive year
  • #1 in reliability with top-ranked IBM Power Systems9
  • Tier 1 in enterprise application implementation services, based on consolidated Gartner, IDC, Forrester, and Everest rankings

“The IBM approach was highly accurate, very detailed, and gave us actionable insights around sizing, budget, and resourcing requirements for our project—all before we’d even signed the contract. Throughout the project, IBM engaged with multiple stakeholders, including Microsoft and SAP, and our Microsoft business partner.”

— Chief of IT, TMI Logistics


What is the payoff?

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When you can accelerate time to value, your business becomes more adaptive and innovative. IBM's integrated approach helps provide visibility across your core enterprise applications as well as some major benefits including simplification, speed to benefits, risk mitigation, and flexible financing.

Reinvent processes and systems that hinder speed and agility.

Gain productivity and quality improvements through automation.

Accelerate enterprise transformation programs by 20%-30% with prebuilt solutions8, as compared to traditional approaches.

Reduce the overall effort.

Implement with proven methods, innovated tools/accelerators, and disciplined scope management.

Elevate your business engagement.

Example: Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua Water Technologies, serving 225 million customers worldwide, worked closely with IBM to implement SAP S/4HANA in just six months – an unparalleled timeframe for a company of its size with business divisions worth $100M.

"Our SAP S/4HANA environment deployed by IBM Services is best in class. We have better visibility into every aspect of operations than we've ever had."

Example: Itambé

Itambé, a large 67-year-old dairy company serving 7,000 suppliers and producing 190 products, relied on IBM to boost core enterprise application performance by 40%, giving them a 30% cut in time for customer billing and a 15% savings on energy costs.

"In addition, a financing deal from IBM meant the IBM proposal came at an attractive price, with the cost spread over a longer period."


Building a smarter business with IBM

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From process planning to CRM, a 360° view of your business applications helps connect data with real-time insights and allows you to build a smarter business. IBM can help you realize a new visibility to make critical decisions, optimize investments to fund innovation, and deliver essential customer experiences. With a unified approach that we build from strategy through deployment, we can consolidate your core enterprise applications and convene vendors, helping you to delivery on strategy, integration, and deployment requirements on a global scale. IBM's expert teams will work with your business to build a roadmap and increase your strategic advantage in the industry.

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