Intelligent workflows for the Cognitive Enterprise

To transform your business into a cognitive enterprise, you need to reimagine your business processes. Intelligent workflows can help modernize your legacy systems and make your business run more efficiently. Our business process services utilize artificial intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) to co-create custom workflows and build tailor-made solutions that fit your industry and audiences.

Business process services outcomes

Modernize Supply Chains

Unified, cognitive systems can orchestrate every touch point across the workflow or the supply chain.

Humanize Customer Experiences

Use AI to deliver personal and empathetic experiences attuned to a customer's specific preferences at any moment.

Digitize Enterprise Processes

Transform your business model by redesigning your end-to-end workflows across traditional process silos.

The analyst perspective

Insights and research from trusted sources

The best mix of skills in Analytics for Business Operations Services.

AI for continuous improvement is table stakes for Cognitive Process Services.

75% of decision makers agree we need to change the way we work.

IBM is a leader in Enterprise AI Services

“IBM emerged as a leading service provider for enterprise AI services in our analysis. Its scale and operational excellence across the entire value chain of AI services are a powerful combination with IBM's renewed vision of becoming an “integratorof AI” for its global AI clientele."

–Reetika Fleming, Research Vice President | HFS Research

Intelligent workflows assessment

80% of decision makers agree that integrating processes will accelerate digital transformation. However, businesses are struggling to digitize processes and reap benefits. Take our intelligent workflows assessment to determine where your business stands today and how intelligent workflows can transform your business.

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BPO services for intelligent workflows

Digital technologies have created a new set of opportunities for operations leaders. Traditional process and labor models are being reinvented through more intelligent workflows using automation, artificial intelligence and data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and other emerging technologies. To remain relevant and grow, businesses must constantly evolve to more agile intelligent, fully orchestrated processes that take into account customers, employees, suppliers and business partners alike.

Case studies


IBM and Generali used intelligent workflows to build better experiences for insurance customers.


IBM and Volkswagen co-created a mobility services app to reinvent the driving experience.


IBM and ADNOC build a first-of-its-kind rock analyzer that helps determine drilling locations.

Kraft Heinz Company

IBM and Kraft are launching a state-of-the-art algorithm to deliver products to consumers more efficiently.


IBM and Cemex transformed the company’s digital business operations to deliver an integrated and streamlined customer experience.

Procurement transformation

Learn how IBM buys, sells, and partners by reading our procurement transformation story.

Educational resources

Intelligent Workflows 101 Blog Series

Why digital transformation starts with workflows that unite people and technology

The key to business modernization: Why you should focus on linking people and technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are intelligent workflows?

Intelligent workflows change how work gets done by applying real-time insights, automation, AI, blockchain and other exponential technologies to reinvent processes and deliver business outcomes. Businesses move from siloed, static functions to integrated agile workflows by unifying people, data and technology. Standardized tasks are automated. Experienced workers augment their skills with insights provisioned in real time from across the enterprise. This is accomplished using business process platforms that integrate domain expertise, data, digital workers and AI applications on an open, hybrid cloud infrastructure.

What are business process services?

Advanced business process services employ a set of multidisciplinary experts from a range of industries, business process domains and technology disciplines including AI, automation, blockchain, cloud and IoT to help you reinvent traditional workflows. Digitally reinventing workflows for greater efficiency and intelligence employs these technologies in concert with the data and institutional knowledge locked away in your enterprise.

What is business process consulting?

Business process consulting is born of deep experience across many industries, processes and technologies. It yields an expert’s vision and outlook for improving the daily functions and processes across your business. With an eye on your employees, resources and technology, business process consulting can produce greater value more efficiently for your enterprise and customers.

What is a business process consultant?

A business process consultant is an expert who specializes in business process efficiency, innovation and optimization by conducting analyses of your current processes and systems. The consultant makes recommendations for employing the best data, technology and skills to achieve more efficient and effective processes and practices.