Talent Development Services from IBM provides personalized recommendations for employee learning based on role, preferences, personality insights and career plans. We create personalized learning environments with the ability to know, understand, engage and anticipate learners throughout their learning lifecycles.

The benefits

Rapidly grow the talent required to drive business.

Create personalized training experiences.

Drive impact with cognitive technology, Design Thinking and analytics.

Talent development services

The learning experience solution from IBM addresses current trends in the learning landscape that include the following:

  • Personalized learning: Learning-centered processes and adaptive learning to support each individual learner's needs
  • Contextualized learning: Learning that is provided at the point of need and helps maximize performance excellence
  • Technology immersion: Changing learner dynamic and expectations because of content consumption through social media
  • Big data: Use of analytics in business decision-making at all levels of the organization

IBM has designed a single point of entry into the learning ecosystem that lets you determine which attributes you want to turn on for each unique learning experience.

IBM helps college deliver an exceptional, personalized student experience

Thanks to expert advice and solutions from IBM, Brockenhurst College expects to boost student recruitment and retention by 15%, and increase its reputation by 30% over a five-year period.

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