Maintaining a competitive edge in a dynamic economy demands faster innovation. Your challenge is having the right people with the right skills and tools to drive digital transformation. Our employee development experts can help you create intelligent workflows using AI, automation and specialized services to empower employees, transform culture and build a skilled workforce.

The benefits

Keep workforce skills sharp at scale and speed using AI and automation.

Speed innovation through engaged, self-motivated high performers.

Increase agility by forming right-skilled internal teams on demand.

Employee Development Services

IBM Workforce Transformation Services

AI can resolve the perennial challenge of keeping learning curricula dynamic, globally integrated and relevant. We help you build, signal, track employee development and measure critical skills through workforce strategy, skilling and credentialing, and digital learning experience design that support your business objectives.

IBM Garage

In the IBM Garage, we co-create with our clients, partners and industry experts. It’s a cultural movement centered on helping organizations quickly adopt new ways of working. Learn how to reinvent employee development and drive higher productivity working shoulder-to-shoulder with us in the IBM Garage.

AI Skills Academy

To help drive enterprise agility and innovation, IBM created the AI Skills Academy. Our employee development experts help you to foster a culture of continuous reskilling and upskilling through digital and experiential learning. You’ll also receive contextual feedback by leveraging the power of the crowd.

Skilling Science and Frameworks

Save time and reduce costs with AI. Understand the structure and meaning of any content using dynamic content and competency tagging; assist with predicting employee proficiency levels with skills inference; and match people by skill to projects and new opportunities through dynamic skill tagging and matching.

Learning Programs

Our customizable offerings infuse AI personalization to attract, build and retain a diverse, continuously learning, highly skilled workforce for your future. Employee development helps your workforce gain and practice the skills to pursue growth opportunities in your company, embrace collaboration and support enterprise transformation.

Cognitive Platforms and Automation

Counter the looming skills shortage, accelerate HR transformation and offer powerful employee experiences that drive enhanced business results. Using our engaging “Your Learning” digital learning platform helps your teams adapt to emerging technologies and new skills requirements faster.

Educational resources

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2018 CHRO insights from IBV Global C-Suite study


Designing employee experience: How a unifying approach can enhance engagement and productivity

White paper

Your Learning model and IBM Watson — Together a game changer in learning


Learn four ways AI benefits HR reinvention

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Change Management Services

Accelerate transformation in the digital era using a fundamentally different approach to managing organization change.

Talent Acquisition Services

Transform the complexities of recruitment into outcomes that matter for your business.

Design Thinking

At the heart of our mission is Design Thinking, a framework to solve our clients’ challenges at the speed and scale of the modern digital enterprise.

IBM Talent Management Solutions

Expand human expertise and empower HR to improve people’s impact on the business.

IBM Talent Development Solutions

Retain and grow top employees with talent development powered by Watson.

IBM Talent Development Starter Package

Help your company achieve greater employee engagement, growth, and internal mobility with IBM’s AI-powered Talent Development Starter Package.

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