The IBM AI Skills Academy is here to help you on your AI adoption journey. The adoption of AI isn’t as simple as flipping a switch – rather there are many steps in between AI in the headlines and AI in your individual teams.

Our new AI Skills Academy consists of four integrated components that guide a client through the process of identifying an AI opportunity, prioritizing AI projects to pursue based on anticipated business value, learning curriculum designed to address AI skills gaps and increase adoption of AI solutions.

Our AI Skills Academy Pillars

AI Immersion

Our executive strategy workshops push leaders to prioritize AI pilot projects and educate them on the possibilities of AI for their organization

Business Case Consulting

Our consulting services help you analyze and investment plan for pilot project execution, and define staffing capacity.

AI Skills Curriculum

Our learning curriculum covers areas like data science, mathematical modeling and data visualization. The academy helps bridge AI skills gaps and bring AI projects to life.

IBM Garage

Practical applications of AI are subjective for each organizations. We create co-creation spaces to tailor and customize AI solutions.

What other AI offerings can help your business?

Crédit Mutuel powers digital reinvention with AI for banking

Crédit Mutuel is training Watson to help its client advisors provide customers with quick, comprehensive information on a range of offerings.

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