Improve forecast accuracy by up to 30%¹. Find out how with IBM Continuous Intelligent Planning.

Create a resilient and agile supply chain

To excel in the digital era, supply chain leaders need to take bold strides in driving efficiencies and resiliency to disruptions. Surprises from unforeseen factors such as global pandemics, geopolitical events and changing market conditions are ever-present challenges.

With IBM Services®, you can evolve your supply chain processes into intelligent workflows, to reach new levels of responsiveness and innovation. Challenge siloed processes to uncover efficiencies, enable your teams to execute and deliver, and use emerging technologies like AI and blockchain to unlock opportunities in every step of the value chain — from demand planning to order orchestration and fulfilment.

Drive resiliency and agility in your supply chain

COVID-19 and shattered supply chains

Over 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies have tier 2 suppliers in the regions of China. How can organizations better manage, foresee and limit the severity of disruptions?

Lower operational cost and ensured supply chain resiliency

Business resilience and continuity is critically important to ensure you continue to serve your customers. Hear how IBM is helping our clients do just that.

0 to 100 Supply Chain Series

Industry and sector leaders share how supply chain professionals can sense and respond to change, maintain business continuity, and shift from demand response to predictive demand in our new normal.

How IBM Services works with you

Through our deep process, industry and technology expertise, and more than 30 years of experience driving IBM's own transformation, we provide the tools, assets, capabilities and experts to make your supply chain more resilient, agile and predictable.

Cognitive Enterprise Advisory

Respond to market disruptions, mitigate risk and maintain business continuity through an extensive advisory service.

Intelligent Workflows

Drive customer value by improving your business processes using a cross-domain approach.

Tech-Enabled Process Optimization

Deliver process improvement with transformative technologies like blockchain and AI that streamline and accelerate traditional processes.

SAP S/4Hana and the Journey to the Cloud

Leverage IBM’s SAP S/4HANA services and cloud capabilities to enable supply chain transformation with enterprise agility and scalability. 

Client stories

Chemonics and IBM

IBM intelligent workflows are transforming global health supply chains.


IBM helps BASF support smarter supply chain operations with cognitive cloud technology.

Kraft Heinz

IBM helps Kraft Heinz connect products to consumers with intelligent workflows.

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¹Based on IBM client data; actual results may vary.