Digital technologies have created a new set of expectations for operations leaders. Traditional models are quickly being phased out by intelligent workflows. The value of BPO no longer lies in pure labor arbitrage. Instead, businesses are being challenged to leverage automation, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies to reinvent their workflows to grow their enterprises. It's not about replacing employees, but rather opening teams up to new, uncharted opportunities for growth. The future of business services lies in helping people through reimagined processes.

Businesses are reimagining workflows by orchestrating interactions between smart machines and even smarter humans.

—Jay Bellissimo, General Manager, IBM Services

Strategic BPO and BPaaS Services

Procurement and Sourcing Services

Today, procurement organizations need to become more digital, more able to predict the future and more able to empower their teams. Our procurement consulting can help with not only source to pay, but also procurement analytics as a service.

Finance Transformation Services

We have helped transform the BPO and BPaaS processes of over 100,000 finance practitioners in over 80 countries. Learn how we can bring better analytics and insights to your finance teams.

Talent and Transformation Services

Digital disruption inevitably leads to change management and HR reinvention. Learn how IBM HR brings together talent acquisition, development and strategy to reinvent your teams' workflows.

Case studies

A global education company automates finance operation at scale

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IBM automates highly complex intercompany reconciliation process across 520 client subsidiaries and improves speed by 5x.

IBM uses RPA to reinvent its multi-billion dollar procurement operations

IBM Procurement manages billion-dollar transactions with thousands of global suppliers annually. With robotic process automation (RPA), fewer than 10% of blocked invoices require manual intervention .

IBM helps Ernst & Young transform employee experience with AI

EY turns to IBM and Watson™ to create exceptional experiences for its new starters beginning on day one. Faster onboarding has yielded significantly improved revenue results and added business value.

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