How does smart manufacturing impact operational efficiency?

The use of advanced analytics and AI helps optimize production processes. When factories are instrumented through the IoT, available data surges. In a digital factory, operators can use data insights to identify potential production losses and act to balance quality, cost and throughput. The result? Fewer disruptions, less waste and higher yield. Let IBM consultants show you how to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Improve overall equipment effectiveness

Prevent production delays, reduce equipment breakdowns, improve overall equipment effectiveness and monitor equipment availability and performance.

Boost quality and yield performance

Predict plant performance variations with cloud-based machine learning that continuously builds on data generated by plant processes; analyze waste and inefficiencies.

Enhance productivity

With insights from AI, you can make decisions that help reduce downtime, overtime and unplanned maintenance to drive factory 4.0 transformation.

Optimize energy usage

Use AI to analyze sources of scrap, waste and inefficiencies while prescribing remedies that optimize energy usage.

Product: IBM Maximo Production Optimization

Uses AI to predict and pinpoint production losses and prescribe best actions that can be taken by plant staff to optimize throughput, cost and quality. Start your proof-of-concept for as little as USD $999.

Case studies


IBM and L’Oreal are taking on an Industry 4.0 transformation with the Internet of Things.


IBM and Honda R&D use Watson IoT™ tools to unlock hidden insights buried in huge amounts of data.

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Production quality insights

Reduce dependency on manual inspections, identify quality defects sooner and respond in real time.

Asset performance management

Improve operational reliability with predictive maintenance and asset performance management.

Enterprise asset management

Use AI and analytics to extend asset lifecycles and reduce maintenance costs for businesses with IoT connected devices.

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